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Types of equipment required to protect 3 phase generators+transformers

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    I have been trying to find the types of equipment required to protect 3 phase generators+transformers for a while now but I just cannot seem to find anything.

    If you could help me out and give me examples of the equipment it would be greatly appreciated

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    jim hardy

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    Your search engine watches your behavior. Teach it that you like genuine scientific content by searching on keywords in technical journal articles .

    first four hits for me today, tomorrow will probably be different:



    http://www.ee.siue.edu/~smuren/ECE 545 Notes/Ch 11 - Generator Protection.pdf

    http://www.energy.siemens.com/ecc_pool/SIPROTEC4/8ac4de66-ca16-4769-af95-23f22995f5bd/11_Catalog_SIP_E7_Generator_Protection.pdf [Broken]
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