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In summary, Ivan Seeking has brough up the idea of a "UFO Napster" of sorts that is similar to the Physics/Math Napster found in the Physics forum. These are the basic guidelines that Ivan has provided as to separate genuine scientific efforts and crackpottery and speculation. These contributions should abide by these following guidelines: Quotes and links from scientific papers and references Reports from newspapers not found in grocery stores e.g. The National Enquirer, The Star, etc. Major media links e.g. NBC, CBS, BBC etc. Government links, or other official agency links such as foreign government sites, foreign news services, or any otherwise respectable source. Some latitude is allowed but links and
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Odors from UFOs [and other physiological effects]

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Physics news on Phys.org
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The Jim Ragsdale Story

Statement Validity Analysis of ª The Jim Ragsdale Story :
Implications for the Roswell Incident

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry
P. O. Box 19230, Spring® eld, IL 62794-9230

University of British Columbia, Department of Psychology
2509-2136 W. Mall, University Campus
Vancouver, B. C. V6T 1Z4

Abstract: The Jim Ragsdale Story purports to be the only known firsthand testimony to the alleged UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. This testimony, in the form of an affidavit and a less formal conversational account, was analyzed using Statement Validity Analysis (SVA) which is an established technique for evaluating the credibility of forensic witness accounts, and Fact Pattern Analysis which is a less formal procedure that complements SVA. SVA indicated that the testimony was not consistent with known features of memories for true events. Similarly, the fact pattern analysis identified major factual inconsistencies as well as potential implausible information. These findings suggest that ª The Jim Ragsdale Storyº is not credible. Accordingly, the possibilities that the Ragsdale story represents a deliberate fabrication or sincerely reported memories of imagined experience are discussed. [continued]
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A clinical interpretation of the "abduction experience"

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College Students' Attitudes Toward Ufo's Surveyed

College Students' Attitudes Toward Ufo's - Polling Data - Statistical Data Included

College Student Journal, March, 2000 by Frank Biasco, Kelly Nunn
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with Furl.net. Get started now. (It's free.)

The present study investigated college student's attitudes toward UFO's. The sample consisted of 269 college students at a "deep south" university randomly selected after being stratified for gender and race. The instrument consisted of a Likert-type, three-point scale with `agree', `neutral', and `disagree' options containing 18 statements dealing with UFO issues. While the expectation was that the student population would have different attitudes toward UFO's because of the conservative nature of the region, the results actually showed that the college student's attitudes towards UFO's were largely the same as those of the general population. [continued]
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Listing of Classified and Restricted Documents


Listing of Classified and Restricted Documents at the Air Force Historical Research Agency

Over 500,000 documents cover almost every aspect of US military
history from the 1920s to the early 1980s


Among the many, many areas covered are World War II, the
Vietnam War (including Laos and Cambodia), the Korean War, the
Cold War, the Balkans, specific aircraft and weapons systems,
histories of bases and squadrons, accidents, nuclear weapons,
chemical and biological warfare, space exploration, satellites,

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The Secret Cia Ufo Files

The Central Intelligence Agency says it has finally come clean about UFOs. To absolutely no one's surprise, it knew more than it ever let on.
"Over half of all UFO reports from the late 1950s through the 1960s were accounted for by manned reconnaissance flights," says Gerald K. Haines, a historian for the National Reconnaissance Office who studied secret CIA UFO files for an internal CIA study that examined the spy agency's involvement in UFOs through the 1990s.

Why lie about UFOs? "The Soviets could use UFO reports to touch off mass hysteria and panic in the United States and overload the U.S. air warning system so that it could not distinguish real targets from phantom UFOs," Haines says. [continued]
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The June Crain Story. [note: This story is confirmed my multiple sources as well as by audio excerpts from the actual interview]

This is the transcript of the interview that I held with June Crain1 in her home at 896
Catala Ave. SE Ocean Shores, WA 98569 on June 27, 1997. At the time of this
interview June was 72 years old and she had outlived two husbands and survived
two bouts with cancer.

The tape of the interview was transcribed by Mary Sullivan, who was working as a secretary
in the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office. She completed this transcription on her
own time. It was completed within two weeks of the time of the interview.
Right after we conducted this interview June contacted her attorney, Scott Sage, and he
prepared a notarized affidavit for her, granting me the rights to her life story. She did this
without my knowledge.

June Kaba was a well-known philanthropist in her community of Ocean Shores,
Washington. She led a charity campaign that succeeded in raising funds to build a new
library. I met her in 1993 after giving a UFO lecture in the new Ocean Shores Library, a
bright modern building that existed largely due to her efforts.
She approached me afterwards and told me that I was right — that our Government does
know much more than it ever says publicly about UFO’s. I asked her how she knew this.
She said, “Because I worked there.” I asked her for details and she said, “I can’t tell you —
they’ll come and arrest me.” I asked her to remember me if she ever changed her mind.

Four years later I learned that she had made inquiries about me. She decided that I could be
trusted not to arrest her once I knew her story, even though I was a detective sergeant for the
Aberdeen Police Department at the time.

She was most proud of her work for the US Government as a civilian employee at Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base from 1942 to 1952. Her pride and loyalty were the causes of her
dilemma—She was bound by her loyalty oath and yet she had no tolerance for deception by
anyone, more especially any official, at any level of government, as some questionable local
politicians had learned to their regret.

June was angry because of what she perceived as a great hypocrisy, that on the one hand the
existence of UFO’s is officially denied, and yet in classified laboratories where she worked,
she overheard scientists and engineers discussing artifacts and bodies from recovered,
crashed UFO’s. She believed that the public deserves to be told the truth. [continued]
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The UFO Napster has been reorganized, consolidated, and updated with new links and information. If you are looking for something that seems to have disappeared, it is likely on the first page. Also, some sites previously linked no longer exist.

I will be adding more over the next few weeks, but the major revisions should be about done.

At least until the details of this event are sorted out, we have our latest Napster entry:
The O'Hare UFO: November, 2006
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...Jacques Arnould, an official at the National Space Studies Centre, said the French database of around 1,600 incidents would go live in late January or mid-February.

He said the CNES had been collecting statements and documents for almost 30 years to archive and study them. [continued]

Advances in technology over the past three decades had prompted the decision to put the archive online, he said, adding it would likely be available via the CNES Web site.
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Documentaries and Investigative Reports

I will be adding here for some time. Please feel free to post any videos of interest to the Napster. They will be added to this post if they are of sufficient quality. Please limit submissions to the best journalistic efforts.

A number of the links are no longer any good but they are left as a reference. These are some of the better videos that you will find about the subject.

UFOs: The Secret Evidence: [1:41:32]
Nick Cook is a British journalist and author of fiction and non-fiction works. He has been associated with Jane's Defence Weekly for a number of years as Aviation Editor and currently as Aerospace Consultant and has won four writing awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society. His two novels are Angel, Archangel (1990) and Aggressor (1993).[continued]
- Wiki -

In this report, Nick Cook investigates the possiblity that the Foo Fighters of WWII were part of a secret, German, research program. Then he considers Roswell, the Soviet's X-Files, and much of the UFO phenomenon as a function of secret US techonology programs; of the intent to ulitilize the UFO phenomenon for military purposes - to further perpetuate the UFO myth as part of both a CIA psychological warfare program, and as an effort to mask secret US technology as alien spacecraft s. He goes too far at times but all in all he does a decent job.

Unsolved Mysteries: The Belgium UFO Wave of 1991: [19:26]
Includes testimony from officials regarding the military’s encounter

Out of the Blue: [1:29:12]
A nice review of a few highlights from the case files: Malmstrom AFB, Big Sur missile test filming, Bentwaters AFB, Iran ’76 F4 encounters, a bit about Soviet UFO encounters, The Condon Report, The COMETA report and more.

Also, comments by: Presidents Ford and Carter, Dr. Sturrock on the Condon Report, Ed Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, Allan Hynek makes his famous swamp gas statement, Phillip Corso – former Chief of Foreign Technology at the Pentagon, Congressman Schiff on Roswell, Admiral Lord Hill Norton – former Chief of the British Defense Staff and others well known to the UFO community

Pilot UFO Encounters: [43:43]
With Dr. Richard F. Haines: Retired NASA senior research scientist; Ames Research Center; Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
FAA released audio recordings and other documented UFO encounters reported by commercial pilots. Supporting case files are available from other sources.

Illinois 2000, multiple police sightings: [45:09]
Police from four departments and other witnesses observe a large, triangular UFO, over Illinois

A follow-up to the Illinois sightings: Witnesses take a polygraph exam [nominated by PIT2]. I checked on the polygrapher who appears to be a credible expert.

Unsolved Mysteries: Kecksburg, Pennsylvania "UFO Crash”, 1965
Examines the question of what, if anything, came down near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, on Dec 9th, 1965.
Part 1 [7:44]
Part 2 [4:30]
Part 3 [7:38]

RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters AFB, 1980: [22:27]
Video testimony and a reenactment of events as described by military personnel, in which numerous UFOs were observed at close range on several occasions. The official documents for this event are found in the second [NSA] and sixth [MOD] posts in this thread.

Sightings: Iran 1976, F4 Encounters [12:38]
Video testimony and a reenactment of events - with contributions from the Iranian Government - in which two F4 fighter jets had a close encounter with a UFO that affected weapons, navigation, and communications systems. The official NSA document for this event is found in the second post of this thread.

Ohio, 1994: Trumbull County police UFO chase
Part one: [7:17]

Part two: [5:49]

A nice contribution from PIT2
UFO Sightings by Pilots [31:22]
Video testimony with some original audio transmissions from commercial pilots. Also, Soviet UFO reports are discussed.

Secrets of the Ancient World: [40:01]
Exotic to mundane explanations are considered for ancient claims of unexplained encounters. I know that many of the events cited are a part of the historical record, but the interpretations or suggested context for any story may or may not be wildly inaccurate.

Related to the video above, see also Alexander the Great versus ET
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The UFO hall of fame and hall of shame

I agree with much but not all of what is said there. I agree entirely with the shame list.
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Portage County police UFO chase: 1966
Francis Ridge:
If this incident seems familiar to you, just maybe you saw the motion picture, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Investigated by NICAP's William Weitzel, this report, also known as the Spauer/Neff Case, was the basis for the UFO "chase" in this film. This case involves police witnesses, confrontation, light beam, brilliant illumination, light engulfment, sound, cat and mouse chase, with rapid upward departure. Special thanks go out to Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS for providing the documentation and to Loy Pressley for converting them into text so I could make the web pages. [continued]

Local News Report
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These are 3 videos from the documentary "UFO - Encounters in australia".
Its not the full documentary because that has more cases, but it has good computer generated reconstructions.

part2: deleted [No regressive hypnosis please. Ivan]

The 3rd one has the Kelly Cahill case, which is an interesting abduction/abuse with multiple witnesses.
I also found this video in which she is interviewed. I suggest watching it because its much more detailed than the video. She also mentions that some university did an 18 month investigation of the landingsite and what they found.
http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=8783845915124327512 (interview starts at 50 seconds)

[edit by Ivan] As a rule, please stay away from the abduction claims as this is at most secondary to the UFO phenomenon. There is no reliable evidence [such as RADAR data in some UFO cases] to support abduction claims. There are some interesting accounts like this and the Walton case. And to be fair, I started it by posting the Ancient Mysteries link, but, void of well documented events and multiple reliable observers [Walton also had multiple witnesses], the modern, so called abduction phenomenon, is another can of worms entirely that goes beyond the scope of this Napster. Also, any reliance on regressive hypnosis all but discredits the account since it has been proven that hypnosis can be a very unreliable form of memory retrieval.
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WHAT: At this unique symposium -- Interstellar Travel and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:Science Fiction or Science Fact?

-- eminent scientists and aviation experts will explore the potential for interstellar space travel and the evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena, sometimes referred to as UFOs. Hosted by The George Washington University and sponsored by SCI FI Channel, this symposium will provide attendees with a scientific understanding of how interstellar travel might be possible and highlight the need for a thorough scientific investigation of unidentified aerial

Moderator – Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City College at the City University of New York
Dr. Richard Henry, professor of astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics at Stanford
Dr. Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist and computer scientist, now in the private sector
Dr. Bernard Haisch, Director for the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics
Ted Roe, Executive Director of the National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena
John Callahan, former Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA
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Radar analysis of the Jan.8,2008 sightings in Stephenville, Texas.

I am new to this forum, but would appreciate any comments regarding the radar report that is located here: http://www.mufon.com/documents/MUFONStephenvilleRadarReport.pdf"



Edit by Ivan: The discussion that followed was moved to the following thread:
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From the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, in Canada, The 1996 Yukon UFO event [new to me] is recounted. Also, a unique perspective on the UFO phenomenon is offered within the context of aboriginal beliefs and myths. I found it to be pretty dry, and it is certainly biased at times, but I found it to be interesting nonetheless.

The Spectacular Yukon UFO
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"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth."
--President Harry Truman, April 4, 1950 White House press conference.

"For the next two or three days the saucers passed over the base daily. Sometimes they appeared in groups of four, other times as many as sixteen. They could outmaneuver and outflank us seemingly at will. They moved at varying speeds--sometimes very fast, sometimes slow--and other times they would come to a dead stop as we zoomed past underneath."
--Astronaut Gordon Cooper, describing his first direct encounters with UFO's while serving as a military pilot in Germany. (from Leap of Faith, Gordon Cooper’s autobiography, p. 91)

“It was a four-foot human shaped figure with arms, bizarre-looking four-fingered hands… and an oversized incandescent lightbulb-shaped head… pale gray skin…. But the eye sockets themselves were oversized and almond shaped and pointed down to its tiny nose, which didn’t protrude from the skull.”
--Eisenhower White House National Security Council member Col. Philip J. Corso describing dead aliens he saw in glass containers en route from Roswell, NM to Wright Field in Ohio. From Corso’s 1997 book The Day After Roswell, p. 32

"These (gray aliens) were living, breathing creatures, just as mortal as you and I. They had feelings, they had families. They had a cultural society. The one thing they didn't have was hate, hostility. They had anger, from what I observed--and I don't know how to explain it better than stating--it was an intellectual anger. They could not... comprehend how a species such as us, that had such great potential to do such wonderful and marvelous things, could do such horrible and nightmarish things to one another."
--Master Sgt. Clifford Stone, ret., who testified that he encountered "gray" aliens while working in a US Army unit that retrieved crashed extraterrestrial vehicles. (from Stone’s cassette Insider: In His Own Words)
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New british ufo files (from the MOD i think):

Newly released UFO files - October 2008
The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1986–1992. If you want to find out more about close encounters over Gatwick Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites - and what the UK Government thought of it all - then this is the place to be. The files are in PDF format.


Highlights guide:
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Letter to Scientific American
December 18, 1886


To the Editor of the Scientific American:

The following brief account of a recent strange meteorological occurrence may be of interest to your readers as an addition to the list of electrical eccentricities:

During the night of the 24th of October last, which was rainy and tempestuous, a family of nine persons, sleeping in a hut a few leagues from Maracaibo, were awakened by a loud humming noise and a vivid, dazzling light, which brilliantly illuminated the interior of the house.

The occupants completely terror stricken, and believing, as they relate, that the end of the world had come, threw themselves on their knees and commenced to pray, but their devotions were almost immediately interrupted by violent vomitings, and extensive swellings commenced to appear in the upper part of their bodies, this being particularly noticeable about the face and lips.

It is to be noted that the brilliant lights was not accompanied by a sensation of heat, although there was a smoky appearance and a peculiar smell.

The next morning, the swellings had subsided, leaving upon the face and body large black blotches. No special pain was felt until the ninth day, when the skin peeled off, and these blotches were transformed into virulent raw sores.

The hair of the head fell off upon the side which happened to be underneath when the phenomenon occurred, the same side of the body being , in all nine cases, the more seriously injured.

The remarkable part of the occurrence is that the house was uninjured, all doors and windows being closed at the time.

No trace of lightning could afterward by observed in any part of the building, and all the sufferers unite in saying that there was no detonation, but only the loud humming already mentioned.

Another curious attendant circumstance is that the trees around the house showed no signs of injury until the ninth day, when they suddenly withered, almost simultaneously with the development of the sores upon the bodies of the occupants of the house.

This is perhaps a mere coincidence, but it is remarkable that the same susceptibility to electrical effects, with the same lapse of time, should be observed in both animal and vegetable organisms.
I have visited the sufferers, who are now in one of the hospitals of this city; and although their appearance is truly horrible, yet it is hoped that in no case will the injuries prove fatal.

Warner Cowgill.
U. S. Consulate,
Maracaibo, Venezuela
November 17, 1886
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Ivan Seeking said:
Letter to Scientific American
December 18, 1886

The letter tickles me; the author finds the delayed effects on vegatation and humans to be of interest, yet there is no attempt to explain or postulate what the cause of the effects actually were..

From what is reported, it sounds like the area was exposed to a huge dose of radiation.
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gareth said:
The letter tickles me; the author finds the delayed effects on vegatation and humans to be of interest, yet there is no attempt to explain or postulate what the cause of the effects actually were..

From what is reported, it sounds like the area was exposed to a huge dose of radiation.

He did mention the "electrical effects". Note that radiation was first discovered nine years later, with Madam Curie being a bit after that.
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Ivan Seeking said:
He did mention the "electrical effects". Note that radiation was first discovered nine years later, with Madam Curie being a bit after that.

Ah yes, that makes sense
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Once again the NSA has readdressed all of their UFO documents, so many links within the napster will not work. I will fix the links as time allows. For now, just search "UFO" on the NSA page and look for the relevant file.
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The RADAR report from the Stephenville UFO event, in Texas, on Sept 8th, 2008. Thanks to our member subliminal, from MUFON, for the link.
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Happened on January 8th, 2008 not September, 8th 2008.
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Heh, thanks. My bad. :biggrin:

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