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Unconventional Drilling

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    What would happen if the drilling table (Workpiece mount) is rotated in the opposite side of the tool rotation (Workpiece rotates in CW direction and Tool in ACW direction)., Let me know in scientific terms

    Assumption : The the axis of both are coinciding
    Tolerance : Highly Minimal
    Also tell me what would happen to the
    1. Tool Wear
    2. Material Removal rate
    3. Heat Dissipation
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    Is this your homework?
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    You people have always thought of Answerinf Quantity and Not Quality???
    This is not my Homework.,,. The answer for your Qn,.,.,
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    That's probably not the attitude to have when looking for help.

    This definitely sounds like homework though. However, since you say it's not, you may get the benefit of the doubt. Do you have any thoughts on what the answers might be?


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    You're just whimsically asking about tool wear and material removal rates? Give me a break. Anyone who has had any kind of manufacturing process class knows this is a homework question.

    Post some initial thoughts of your own and you may get some help.
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    Assuming it is a homework question, I'll give you a hint toward thinking about an answer: What manufacturing process(es) would use such motion?
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