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Understanding the Fresnel Integral/Green's Functions

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    Hi all,

    Could you please help me understand the Fresnel integral and Green's functions? Could you please explain the Fresnel integral and/or Green's function like you would to at least a first-year undergrad?

    I have the goal of learning/gaining an intuition of the Fresnel integral and Green's functions while only having Calc I and II and linear algebra. I don't need to understand it 100%, but I at least seek a general intuition of what the heck it is!

    Thanks, I know this may not be the easiest explanation, but I really appreciate it!

    - Mike
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    Thanks for the links, SteamKing. I am working on a project that requires at least a basic understanding of those concepts so I am doing my best to gain an intuition (despite my lack of prerequisite knowledge).
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