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Uniform Circular Motion A Jet Pilot

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    Uniform Circular Motion "A Jet Pilot"

    Hi, my apologies if this has been posted before. I was just wondering if someone could help look over this question for me and confirm if I did it correct or not. It is a written homework rather than online so I can't check my answer to see if I did it correctly.

    A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. (a) If the jet is moving at a speed of 840km/h at the lowest point of the loop, determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 6.0 g's.

    840km/h = 233.33 m/s
    6g = (6*9.80) = 58.8m/s^2

    Equation used a=(v^2)/r

    but I continue to get confused between which is velocity and acceleration.

    Would I have




    which the first answer of 925.90m sounds a lot more correct than 14.82 but I just wanted to make sure. If someone could please confirm that would be great.

    Thank you
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    Velocity has units of m/s

    Acceleration has units of m/s^2
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