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Universal expansion reaching a point of equiblirium

  1. Oct 11, 2006 #1
    The two possibilities generally presented on the expansion of the universe is that either the universe will continue to expand, or it will eventually cease expansion and compress back to a singularity. Is there a third possibility?

    Has anyone presented a coherent idea that allows for the expansion to cease, and not then necessarily compress?
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    Current data seems to suggest not only that the universe will continue to expand, but that something is causing the expansion to accelerate. May I direct you to the best explanation one could expect?
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    Thank you. I have seen that thread. The 3rd option I am considering takes into account that there would be just such an acceleration before equilibrium is achieved. Perhaps I should rephrase the question:

    If not this universe, has there been a coherent explanation for the possibility of an expanding universe that eventually is able to attain a state of equilibrium, that is, it will no longer expand, and will not fall back on itself?
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    George Jones

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    Einstein's static universe is such a universe, but its equilibrium is unstable.
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