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Schools University vs Departmental Power

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    Does anyone know how much power general university grad school admissions offices tend to have versus the departmental ones? At one school I'm applying to, the departments make recommendations to the registrar's office, which actually sends out the formal acceptances. I just found out I recommended for acceptence with full funding at one school by the math department. Now it's in the registrar's hands, and I really hope it's just a rubber stamp type process.
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    For graduate admissions, the central university administration is usually a rubber stamp.
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    At all the schools I'm familiar with it's more or less a rubber stamp process. The university registrar will establish minimum requirements for graduate student admissions into the university. Often specific departments will have higher minimum admission requirements or at very least adopt the same ones.

    The only tricky situation I can think of is if for whatever reason the department wants to admit you but you don't meet the university's minimum admission requirements. This is a pretty rare circumstance though.
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    My acceptance to grad school was essentially handled by the department, and I had little interaction with the registrar's office. The registrar's involvement seemed more or less a formality.
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    Was kind of in this situation (missed the departments GRE requirement by a drop), and I still got my letter 'cause the department had approved it.
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    Sigh, I'm in this circumstance...
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