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Homework Help: Up Coming Exam

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    This term we have been studying B-Fields (Magnetic Fields), Electromagnetic Induction and A.C. Theory (High School Physics). We've been given the Exam outline and upon checking what will be in Complex Reasoning (Part C of the Exam), it labelled "Terminal Velocity on conductors falling through magnetic fields" as the first question. I asked specifically about what I'd need to know for handling this question and my teacher stated " a current carrying wire passing through a B-Field" which at once got me confused with the relativity to the exam outline. They are both connected somehow, but i just don't know. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but, does the velocity of electrons get altered as they pass through a magnetic field? If anyone has any ideas please reply!! Thanks!
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    I think he's talking about the falling magnet experiment, except in reverse.
    Say you drop a conductor a magnetic field. Then relative to conductor, the magnetic field is moving, which induces a current in the conductor, and then you've got a current that induces a magnetic force that opposes the force of gravity on the conductor, thus slowing the conductor down.

    Oh and if you can, get a magnet and drop it through a metal tube. What happens is pretty cool
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    try to find something about the open right hand rule
    it'll tell u everything
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