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Use of Mobile phones

  1. Sep 4, 2013 #1
    Is it risky to use the mobile phones while lighting occurs outside?

    There's a general belief that you should not use mobile phones while it is lighting outside. Is it true?? Is there any logic behind it?
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    I don't understand. What exactly is the perceived risk here? That the lightning somehow is transmitted via the mobile signal and, what, fry the device?

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    I think that risk only applies to the old corded phones, the ones you actually plug into the phone jack and electrical outlet.
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    Are you outside using the phone when it is lightning?
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    Yes. I was relating to such a situation. But not in an open area like some paddy field.
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    Can lighting affect the mobile signals???
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    If you are close enough to the strike then I believe it can.
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    you may hear a crackle of the audio signal, but because of the style of transmission mode ... being a digital signal its less likely to occur because of data error correction routines within the digital system.

    This is unlike , say you AM radio receiver that you can hear the crackle of lightning strikes from many kilometres away

    OHHH BTW holding onto /using a mobile phone during a storm either inside or outside is not going to increase the risk of you being struck by lightning.
    the strike is going to happen where the ground and cloud potentials have built up enough for the discharge to occur and if you are unlucky enough to be in that same spot you may well become part of the strike conduction path.... having a tiny piece of plastic and metal of a phone in your hand isn't going to make much difference considering the strike may have already travelled several kilometres through the air before striking the ground or you.

    there's probably more metal in that bunch of car, house, work keys you have in your pocket than there is metal in a modern cellphone

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    Yea, I would bet this is where the idea came from. Any corded and plugged in appliance or device would be extra dangerous during a lightning storm, if only slightly.

  11. Sep 5, 2013 #10


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    The only risk I see with using a mobile phone in a storm might go like this...

    Bad signal indoors for some reason so you head outside.
    Best signal is clear of buildings so you head for the park.
    You are now the tallest thing around.... zap.
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    Thanks Everyone!
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