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Using c++ can I

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    Create my own browser? I like firefox and all, but I can't get it to be PERFECT for me..
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    As a general principle you can write any program in any general purpose programming language. Some languages are better at some things than others. Internet Explorer is written in C++ so that is a fairly good indicator...

    Most of the software you use will have been written in C or C++.
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    I don't know this for a fact, but I would venture to guess that a major fraction of IE is written in C#.
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    I am not an expert, but isn't C# some kind of an extension of C, just like C++???
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    C# is not an extension of C or C++. It is a modified Java. Java's syntax was heavily influenced by C and so C# looks like C/C++. C# definitely has some good point over Java, I think they have done a nice job with it.


    I doubt much (if any) of IE or any OS components are written in C#. .NET is not well suited to writing OS extensions.
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    Large programs, such as IE, can be written using multiple programming languages, with parts such as user interfaces written in .NET managed code (C#), and other, lower-level parts written in C++.
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    Programs can be written in multiple languages but IE and any part of the Windows OS is probably not going to be. There are reasons why .NET cannot be used in system parts. The CLR can only exist in one version per process and so adding it to any part of the system that can be used as part of another process would restrict that processes choice of CLR (IE can be embedded). Also, there is no real need to write IE in C# -- remember most of IE existed before C# was thought about.
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    Rhine720 want's a perfect browser, so fact that IE is written in C++ is a fairly BAD indicator.
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    Firefox is open source. Why not just modify it to suit your desires?
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    I have never used a good browser...
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    A better idea would be to learn Javascript and write firefox plugins until whatever it is you didn't like about firefox is fixed. This will be much simpler than learning enough C++ to write a web browser.
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