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Using Solar panels for energy conversion?

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    Hi guys im working on a project in which i use solar panels to drive a pair of headphones

    my main question is what kind of solar panels would you guys recommend? that could help with this kind of project
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    The question is way too vague for a specific answer. What do the headphones do? Just powering them without some source of sound would be quite pointless.
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    their basic bluetooth/noise cancellation headphones, the project is to use solar energy as an alternative to charging/powering up the battery without the need for an electrical outlet
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    So start with your power consumption numbers. What voltage do they require? What power do they consume?

    Then look at simple photovoltaic cells, and see how big it will have to be to produce that power in whatever sunlight conditions you expect. I'm guessing you can find some existing panels that produce USB 5V outputs of a few watts in reasonable sunlight conditions. Start by checking them out, and understanding how they convert the variable output voltage of PV cells (for different light levels) into a constant voltage for powering the loads... :smile:
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