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Vaio Problems: Color Snowscreen and lower Left part of PC ov

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    Hi, just curious. I am trying to fix my Vaio PC , model PCG -71318L. Intially, PC worked well for a few minutes but eventually froze.
    I thought it may be a hardrive thing . The computer had been on uninterruptedly for a long time, so I turned it off to "let it rest". After an hour or so, I turned it back on and ended up with a color screen and the lower left part of the bottom was overheated. EDIT: I tried a search, but found nothing useful.
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    What do you mean by color screen with left part of bottom overheated?

    You mean you got like a blue screen and the bottom left looks a bit multicolored and wavy like when you touch the screen enough to deflect it?

    Anyway, here's a bunch of steps to follow from SONY:


    You could try removing the battery and then replacing it to see if that solves the problem before proceeding thru the steps.

    Also have you tried to boot via CD-ROM or via USB with something like Knoppix:


    This could help you determine if its hw or sw related.
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