Vector addition and subtraction

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    1. Vector A has a magnitude of 14 m and makes an angle of 26o with the positive x axis. Vector B also has a magnitude of 13 m and is directed along the negative x axis. Enter your answers in distance then angle(in degrees).

    2. Find A + B
    Find A - B

    3. 14cos(26)=12.6 x component for A
    14sin(26)=6.14 y component for A

    -13 x component for B
    0 y component for B

    sqrt( (Ax+Bx)^2 + (Ay+By)^2 )

    sqrt( (12.6-13)^2 + (6.14)^2 )



    I haven't attempted A-B yet.
    Tell me where I'm going wrong. Any help is appreciated.
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    in the arctan equation .4 should be -.4, also why are you using 6.15 when the only vertical component is 6.14?
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    it was a typo. I corrected them.

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