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Vector algebr and analytical geometry textbook

  1. Dec 24, 2013 #1
    Vector algebra and analytical geometry textbook

    I have a very comprehensive textbook written in portuguese about vector algebra and analytical geometry, but the author didn't include a bibliography at the book's end. What textbooks, in english, contains these syllabus (I'm pasting the list of chapters)?

    1. Defining a vector
    2. Vector addition
    3. Multiplication of vector by real number
    4. Adding points and vectors
    5. Geometric applications
    6. Linear dependence
    7. Basis
    8. Change of basis
    9. Dot product (or scalar product)
    10. Orientation of V3
    11. Cross product (or vector product)
    12. Mixed product (or triple product)
    13. Coordinate system
    14. Equation of line and plane
    15. Intersection of planes and lines
    16. Relative position of lines and planes
    17. Perpendicularity and orthogonality
    18. Measuring angles
    19. Measuring distance
    20. Changing the coordinate system
    21. Ellipse, hyperbola and parabola
    22. Conics
    23. Espherical surfaces
    24. Quadrics

    PS: For some reason the cross product symbol in this textbook is ^, not the X used in notes and books that I've found in english.

    In Brazil no author merges calculus and analytical geometry in one textbook, I don't know why most american authors (or is it the publishers?) do.

    The textbook has 500+ pages, almost as large as a calculus textbook alone.
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  3. Jan 1, 2014 #2
    Found textbooks that cover what I asked for:

    Analytic Geometry with an introduction to vectors and matrices - David Murdoch
    Analytic geometry - Charles Lehman
    The elements of analytic geometry - Percey F. Smith and Arthur Sullivan Gale
    Analytic Geometry : A Vector Approach - Charles Wexler (coincidentally, the title is the same as the book in portuguese that I know)
    Vector geometry - Gilbert de B. Robinson
    A vector space approach to geometry - Melvin Hausner
    Elementary vectory geometry - Seymour Schuster
    Vectors and their applications - Anthony J. Pettofrezzo
    Schaum's outline of vector analysis
    Schaum's outline of analytic geometry

    Seems that no textbook contains all the chapters I posted in one book. Most of the books that I've found are really old.
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