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Homework Help: Vector problem A

  1. Dec 5, 2003 #1
    1a) F1 = 210 Newtons, 43.0 degrees Wof N

    I drew the picture
    F1x = 210 cos 43 = 154 N
    F1y = 210 sin 43 = 143 N

    2a) F2 = 76.0 Newtons, 23.7 degrees Sof E
    same set up[ as above

    F2x = 70 N
    f2y = 31 N or should this be negitive
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    Doc Al

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    I assume the problem is to find the x & y components of the given forces.

    If the 43 degrees is as you say (W of N), then you have mixed up the x & y components. (Careful with the angles.) Also, the x component would be negative.
    This time you didn't mix up the angles. Yes, the y-component is negative.
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