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Verification of String-In String Theory

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    The proof of existance of strings in string theory? :confused: English is not my first language so your question seems weird to me. If you mean whether there's any simple proof for the existance of strings, then the answer is a definitive no.

    1. There are no waves in photons. Photons (and other quantum objects) have properties similiar to those of waves and to those of particles in classical physics. They're not really either.

    It's the same universe.

    I don't understand the third question. Do you mean reference frame by "reference"?

    4. Wave-particle duality is a fact. It's not a problem, there's nothing about it to resolve in that sense.

    5. Yes, strings and everything else, with a few conjectured exceptions (which include the vacuum state of the strings) .
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    Many thanks for your reply Berislav stating there are no waves in photons. Not only
    are there waves but the frequency of the waves in photons determines the color of light. All electomagnetic radiation moves in waves.
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    Basic online tutorial on light & photons as waves:

    http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/light/lighttoc.html [Broken]
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    Overclocker Creates Rift in Space-Time Continuum

    Article claims "overclocking" opened minor rif in
    space time into parell Universe

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    Doc Al

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    I hope you realize that that's a joke.
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    Like I said photons have some properties similiar to those of waves in classical mechanics.
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    Many thanks Doc Al: I was had by the website in question I quoted yesterday but do have a sense of humor and Berislavs note on wave and photos similarities are being
    utilized more completely unify the ideas in the paper. Chris W
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