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Verlinde gravity

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    There is an interesting article in this month's New Scientist magazine that is about a study by a dutch scientist called Erik Verlinde on the relationship between information and gravity and the potential to be able to construct gravity "from the ground up" as an emergent feature. This is not an entirely new idea, as we already have the relationship between the thermodynamical temperature of a black hole and its mass and therefore its gravity. There is also a connection between the background temperature and the acceleration of an observer as per Unruh radiation. He also takes in the holographic principle that relates the maximum information within a given volume to its surface area. Anyway, Verlinde's work is a work in progress, but it has created a lot of interest and it is thought that his ideas have the potential to build up special and general relativity in an independent way. I will refrain from posting any links here, as this is fairly cutting edge stuff, but I would recommend that anyone here that is interested in the topic might like to Google for "Verlinde gravity".
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