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I Verlinde's Emergent Gravity Doesn't Work

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    Verlinde sought to reproduce the successes of other modified gravity theories in a variant of his entropy based gravity theories called "emergent gravity". Unfortunately, it doesn't reproduce the observed data.

    Federico Lelli, Stacy S. McGaugh, and James M. Schombert "Testing Verlinde's Emergent Gravity with the Radial Acceleration Relation"(February 14, 2017).

    Another study also looking at a different set of data with different investigators reaches basically the same conclusion.

    Aurelien Hees, Benoit Famaey, and Gianfraco Bertone, Emergent gravity in galaxies and in the Solar System (February 14, 2017).
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    Verlinde's specific proposals may not work

    but on theoretical grounds, should there be an additional gravitational force due to dark energy, one that reproduces MOND ?

    Verlinde also proposes that dark energy interacts with baryonic matter.

    is this theoretically sound idea?

    Lee Smolin, which also posits an additional gravitational force due to dark energy, could work.

    the scale of MOND and dark energy are surprisingly close.

    if there is an additional gravitational force due to dark energy, and interactions between baryonic matter and dark energy, then it's a question of getting the details correct.
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    IIRC it has already been concluded that DE must contribute to the stress energy tensor, which renders it indistinguishable from the contributions of the gravitational field to Lambda.
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    if there is an additional gravitational force due to dark energy, and interactions between baryonic matter and dark energy,reproduces MOND ?
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    A Covariant Version of Verlinde's Emergent Gravity
    S. Hossenfelder
    (Submitted on 4 Mar 2017)
    A generally covariant version of Erik Verlinde's emergent gravity model is proposed. The Lagrangian constructed here allows an improved interpretation of the underlying mechanism. It suggests that de-Sitter space is filled with a vector-field that couples to baryonic matter and, by dragging on it, creates an effect similar to dark matter. We solve the covariant equation of motion in the background of a Schwarzschild space-time and obtain correction terms to the non-covariant expression. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the vector field can also mimic dark energy.
    Comments: 14 pages, no figures
    Subjects: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc)
    Cite as: arXiv:1703.01415 [gr-q

    Hossenfelder Bee paper on this
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