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Very Annoying Problem

  1. May 14, 2008 #1
    This is killing me. I have an electrical charge in the air and below it I have a container filled with water. How do I calculate the electric field generated by the charge on the bottom of the cointainer? Bear in mind the electrostatic constant in water is different than from air.
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    Assuming the surface of the water is like an infinite plane, this is a standard image problem treated in most textbooks.
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    Could you ellaborate, then?
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    I can't go through the whole method of images.
    You may have to look at a book.
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    smells like homework?
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    Excuses me, pam (or others), but doesn't the method of images require that the boundary region be a (grounded) perfect conductor?

    Treating the problem in a brute-force manner (Gauss' Law, Cartesian coordinates), this doesn't sound TOO bad. You just need to invoke some pretty clever trigonometry to account for the surface of the water.
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