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Video card

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    Recently I have upgraded my pc with as new video card, I'm left with the old one which is Geforce5200FX, it has 256MB SDRam, I have an older pc , with 815 Intel motherboard..
    what I read about the specs that the video card should be no more then 64MB...
    my question is it safe to install the 256MB one?
    will it be able to read it ?will it be installed properly but will only function as if it was 64MB ?or it will not function at all?
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    There is no spec for maximum video memory on a video card. You may be thinking about the maximum amount of shared memory on your motherboard, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what a discrete video card has.
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    You mean I can just install it and it will work ?
    I remember that there is an option in BIOS limiting something related with the video card to 64MB , you mean that's just the amount of shared memory?
    I always sought that it's like an upper limit of what I can install as a video card..
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    I see that the 815 has only a 4x AGP so you will not be able to run it optimally. There also may be some AGP slot differences which may prevent you from even installing it.

    Also Intel mobos are notorious for fighting with "foreign" video cards. Disabling the on board video can be problematic.

    Good luck
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    I've never seen an AGP 8x video card that wasn't backwards compatible with 4x. It should work.

    As for disabling onboard graphics, consult your manual for instructions on how to do this. You may need to change a pin setting on the motherboard or just change a setting in bios.

    I recommend you get a new motherboard.
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    Installing a video card is a very straightforward process. First do to control panel/ system/ hardware/ device manager. Your on board graphics device will be listed under this usually under the heading "display adapter." Right click on the device and disable it. Next shut down your computer, install the graphics card, and reboot. Your computer should automatically find the new hardware and prompt you to install it. You can either use the driver cd that came with the card or download the most recent drivers at www.nvidia.com.
    Your card will run fine in your mobo assuming the card is agp and your motherboard has an agp slot. It does not matter if the slot is 8x or 4x.....
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    Thank you guys, This issue is not that I don't know how to install it , or how to Disable the on board video.I can install a hardware with my eyes close(actually that easy I think)..
    I was just afraid of compatibility issues, anyway it's working fine now.
    Thanks again...
    One question, so i won't have a compatibility issues with any agp card on this motherboard(in general I mean)??
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    No you won't. AGP is AGP.
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    http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/agpcompatibility.html" [Broken] a link with some good AGP info.
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    Thank you for this link, very helpful..
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