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Virial thereom as applied to clusters of galaxies

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    I'd just like to comment if I may - The virial thereom is not applicable to clusters of galaxies as the numbers of member galaxies in the majority of clusters (as opposed to superclusters) are too small for the virial thereom to effectively calculate the cluster mass. There is a short article to that effect by Marc Davis from UC Berkeley in the Astrophysical Journal circa 1983. Masses of member galaxies can still be estimated using their rotation curves however...
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    Putting such a post here in the intro section, where what you were SUPPOSED to put was an actual intro to yourself, is fairly pointless since, although such an intro is a requirement, it is not much looked at. If you want to generate an actual discussion, you should post in the appropriate forum.
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    Here's my intro - I have a Masters in Physics from Adelphi University and a Master's in Astrophysics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I'm currently not affiliated with any institution.
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