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Homework Help: Virtualization techniques for Security

  1. Mar 14, 2014 #1
    Hi dear friends,
    As part of our "Operating System" subject , i need a topic "Virtualization techniques for security".

    Please provide its key points or any study resource , because i am out of college library now . Not any resource except NET . waiting your reply

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  3. Apr 13, 2014 #2
    Virtualization Security

    Dear Friends,
    I am looking for the topic "Virtualization techniques for Security" and got 3 points
    1.Isolation and Protection of hypervisor from external entities
    eg; Privileged management VMs
    2. Recursive addition of additional virtualization layers
    eg: by running commodity hypervisors on top of special "Secure" hypervisors
    3. Through hardware trusted platform modules(TPMs)

    I have not much idea abt these points . Do you can explain it

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