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Voltage in a DC circuit

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    Hi guys:
    I like physics but i have many questions concerning electricity and magnetism.
    1- Do we accelerate electrons when increasing the voltage in a DC circuit.
    2-What does it mean when we say there is a potential difference across the plates of the capacitor.
    3- What is the potential and potential difference???? please with photos and simple explanation and so confusing for me
    4-What is the ground voltage ? so confusing for me.
    5-Why is current directly proportional to the voltage because the higher the voltage the higher the speed of electrons and thus more electrons pass through a piece of wire in a period of time ?????
    is the previous explanation a right understanding of Ohm's law.
    I would be really grateful for your answers.
    Thanks in advance.
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    . . . . . and then come to us with one question at a time.

    There's just too much here, for one thread but it reads as if you need a proper course on electricity, rather than 'bits and bobs' of specific answers.
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