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Voltage to Voltage converter design

  1. Mar 1, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    I need a voltage to voltage converter design(circuit) from DC +/-5V to +/-15V

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    Thanks for letting us know.

    (Was there a question?)
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    Hello mathish. I see you are new to physics forums. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4219/welcomelj.gif [Broken]

    Circuits to do this task can be complicated if you require heavy currents. What maximum current are you needing of each polarity? Do the voltages need to be regulated? What sort of supply do you have that provides the +5v and -5v?

    Enjoy your time here on the forums. :wink:
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    I had seen some LM series based dc -dc converter circuits for supply voltage of 70MHz high speed amplifier with the input current rating of 8.5 mA.is this suitable for this one ..If anybody know the answer for this one ..
    Plz suggest for ur ideas...
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    What's the question???

    You've not specified what you need it for, nor whether you're asking for directions to a suitable design, nor shown your own efforts to find such a design, nor have begun by discussing variations required for your particular application, which would require the following matters in any case;

    a) if you are referring to +/- split supplies or whether you actually mean +DC/0
    b) you've not specified the current requirement you need to meet
    c) you've not qualified the voltage quality you need
    d) you'e not specified if you need floating, or DC de-coupled, or other type of output
    e) you've not even specified if the output can be 15VAC.
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    I'm not sure to what that "8.5mA" applies. 70MHz amplifiers are not rated at mA of input, and it would be an extremely low-powered dc-dc converter to be limited to loads not exceeding 8.5mA. Maybe you mean that the amplifier drew just 8.5mA average current from the supply?

    But as you have not indicated what you need the dc-dc converter to do, no one here will be able to advise much.
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    jim hardy

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    A question well stated is half answered.
    The folks aren't being mean, just they're puzzled.
    Perhaps English is not your first language?

    How much current do you seek ?

    An internet search on "charge pump" will take you to numerous "how to do it" articles and suitable devices.

    A google search on "DC to DC converter" will take you to many sites wanting to sell you one.

    old jim
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    What drives your original dc voltage source? My guess is that it will be some kind of mains device, so instead of going 240 VAC to + /- 5 VDC to +/- 15 VDC go 240 VAC to +/- 15 VDC.
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    Are you looking for a tracking split power supply design with positive and negative outputs which can be adjusted between 5 volts and 15 volts?

    Like this :


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