Waiting on REU Application: Anxiously Awaiting a Response

In summary, the person is waiting for a response from an REU program, but has yet to receive one. They called the program and were told that they hoped to have their final decisions by the end of the week. However, it turns out that the program was waiting to see if they could get more funding, and when that didn't materialize, they decided not to invite any more applicants.f
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I'm waiting on this REU application. They sent me an email last week asking me if I was still interested in a position. I told them yes, but have yet to hear back from them. I called them on Tuesday, they said that they hoped to make their final decisions by the end of the week. AHHHHH! Just give me an answer already!
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My guess is that you are on some sort of internal waiting list, since most of those programs have already made their decisions. They may have had several people turn them down for other REUs and are now looking to their next tier of applicants and checking which of those are available. Though, we also had one program that was keeping students in suspense past the notification date because we got so many good applications, they were scrambling to see if we could come up with some additional funding to invite more applicants than originally planned, so didn't want to make any decisions until they knew how many additional slots they could offer, and in the end, the money fell through anyway, so all that waiting was for nothing. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you.

Don't forget, even if you don't get accepted to an REU program, you can still contact faculty at local universities to see if they have an open position for a student worker for the summer, so you can still get experience, even if it might include more grunt work than an REU.
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I'm definitely doing some kind of research work this summer, whether it be with an REU, or at my own university. I'm hoping for an REU because I kind of want to see other Universities and meet new people.

Still haven't got a response, I guess they may be waiting until after the Easter Holiday?
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Don't worry, you'll get in. :wink:
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Don't worry, you'll get in. :wink:

Hopefully. I never like to get my hopes up though. I guess I should stop being pessimistic. Thanks for the support!

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