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Warning logs ?

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    "Warning logs" ?

    1) I notice that there is a short bar underneath the username in my post; currently it is 0% ...tho I don't see it for other members? What is a "warning log"?

    2) Yesterday I couldn't access PF, and rather received an "OPM_deny" message. What does this mean?
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    Warning are usually given for when you do not follow the guideline such as annoying behavior, posting homework without any effort of solving the questions, double posting, spam and crack pot material.
    The warning system was there before the update. Before you could view your warning with a link at the top of your post box. Now, a warning bar replace the old link.
    So basicly your warning log is filled everytime you get a warning. It help the mentor and you to keep track of your behavior that you had in the past.
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    Oh and as Dr. Phil would say, "past behavior is and indication of future behavior". But don't get me and the doctor wrong. If someone continues to perform good behavior, the past gradually gets "over written" with good behavior and then the past reflects future good behavior. Am I digressing?
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    Heh heh, the past was overwritten. With the upgrade, everyone started off with a clean slate (those who already had warnings will have noticed this). So, now our "most improved" members no longer have their past haunting them. :smile:
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    I was never was able to access that old link in the first place (since I joined PF)!
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    Me neither. I was worried that I had a warning indicator at the bottom (although it was at 0%).:rofl:

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