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Watching movies/shows you own

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    Does anyone else here do what me and my friend do? Me and my friend both have this habbit to change our viewing schedules when it comes to TV so that we can watch our favorite movies or shows on tv even when we own the movies/episodes on tape! For example, a few nights ago they were showing Air Force One. I think its pretty good but for some reason, i rearranged my whole nights schedule just to watch it! The odd part though is that I already own the movie on DVD and its right here next to the tv. Whats even worse is that i get pissed off at the commercials!

    Does anyone else have this weird little habbit!
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    My daughter does this with any of the Star wars or Back to the Future movies.
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    I know people who do that. Back when I was a couch potato I think I did that too.
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    Oh my god, no. I can't stand to watch any movie on commercial television. The commercials are bad enough, but the worst thing is that the TV versions are chopped up to the point where they don't even resemble the original film in some cases. I watched so many movies on TV while growing up, it wasn't until years later when I saw the full versions on cable or DVD that I realized how much I had been missing, and how much better they were as compared with the chopped up versions.
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    If my friends and I ever want to watch anything, we always rent. I don't think we've ever watched a movie playing on cable TV (usually go to the TV for like Family Guy or little shows like that).
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    Me too - I'm fanatical about my DVDs, so I'll do pretty much the exact opposite of what Penguino does: if a see a movie on TV that I own and get the urge to watch it, I'll pop the dvd in.

    Another thing I can't stand about movies on TV is if you find them by flipping through, you always miss the beginning.
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    I don't even own very many DVDs, so that's not an option for me. But I agree about movies on TV (and had the same experience as jma when I was younger, that I didn't even know how different they were from the real movie). I just rent. Maybe after I move and won't be dumping all my spare money into gardens, I can start working on the movies and electronics stuff. I won't be needing any new furniture for a while either, so should have some play money for a change. :biggrin:
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