Water powered Tesla turbine

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Hi geniuses,

I have a question about a Tesla turbine.
I'm brainstorming about using a small one as a leightweight "engine" on a kayak, using the flow of the water as energy source.
First of all, I do realize that this won't run on its own in a perpetual motion style.
But my question is, will this help in any way or ease the paddling, or will it just do nothing whatsoever?

Thanks for your time!
what's a tesla turbine?
ok, so from what i've read the max efficiency obtainable from a tesla turbine is 95% under perfect conditions. That means a 5 % loss of energy. It may be useful if you were paddling against a current or if you had a way to generate a flow through the turbine without work from yourself, otherwise if you have to paddle to get the flow, the efficiency makes it redundant. In other words, you'd have to put more energy in than you'd get out.

also, adding an impeller or propeller to turn the energy created from the turbine into energy that will give your kayak motion will add drag when you are paddling, which would make things harder than they are now. If you could mount it like an outboard motor that can be lifted out of the water while getting up to speed and then put in the water to be used for propulsion, that woud help. Bear in mind you'll also be adding more weight to your canoe that you'll hae to lug around.

You could use it for charging a battery maybe for lights during night time fishing trips or a radio (or charger for your ipodski) if that's useful.
Thanks for the insights.
It appears that this isn't be the way to go after all.

I was also considering compressed air, but I have no idea how long a bottle (of say one liter) will last. It won't be feasable to haul around 20 pounds of air if it will only last one hour :-).

However, great idea to use it for recharging! I'm new to this so for the most part I'm still groping in the dark but I'm going to dive into it right away.



Unfortunately, air tanks are not a very efficient way to store energy. You'd be better off with a car battery and a trolling motor.

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