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Waterproof iPhone case with speakers/microphone

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    I'm building a waterproof iPhone case with small speakers/microphone on the front. The speakers have to be small but loud enough so I could hear them under the shower. What speakers and microphone would you recommend? How would you connect them?

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    Wow. My one buddy has been showering with an iPhone for the past 5 years or so.

    I thought he was the only insane person to do this! I was wrong!

    Here's a thought. Put the phone down and take a 5 minute shower. Dry off, put on clothes....pick up I-phone and continue.

    Good grief!!! I mean I've heard of phone dependence, but this takes it too far.

    Also, they sell waterproof cases already, but you probably already know that.
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    have to agree with you on that one psparky LOL
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    It would be a lot smarter to take some Bluetooth speakers into the bathroom, and leave the phone outside.
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