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Homework Help: Wave functions (Quantum Mechanics)

  1. Oct 11, 2012 #1
    1. Considering the helium atom,
    a. why do we use product type wave function
    b. how is the anti-symmetry taking care
    c what are the criterion for selecting best wave function
    d. how do we take into account the electron correlation

    a. I think it is because we want exact wave function, since the helium atom has two electron, the electron-electron repulsion must be ignored.

    b. Anti symmetry is taking care by interchanging the coordinates of the electrons
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    a) The electron-electron repulsion should not be ignored! In fact, I think the energy of the ground state would be around -100 eV if you ignore it while the experimental ground state energy is -77.5 eV.

    b) It has to do with the electrons. Think about spins.
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