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Wave Problem

  1. Sep 4, 2005 #1
    Here is one that I thought would be easy:

    Two traveling waves move on a string that has a fixed end at x=0. They are identical except for opposite velocities. Each has an amplitude of 2.46mm, a period of 3.65ms, and a speed of 111m/s. Write the wave function of the resulting standing wave.

    The wave would be represented by the function, y(x,t)=(A_sw)(sinkx)(sinwt)

    My answers were: A_sw=2A=4.92x10^-3m

    This is not right though... any ideas? I am least sure about k.
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    What makes you think it isn't right?

    If you're not given the actual wave functions,
    you can't find the phase in sin(wt+phi)
    (so you should leave it as arbitrary).
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