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Homework Help: We desperately need YOUR help

  1. Jan 7, 2006 #1
    We desperately need YOUR help!!

    Sorry for posting again, but we are GETTING DESPERATE!!

    I'm a senior in highschool and have been assigned the following project. My partner and I are having a hard time getting our thoughts and ideas rolling on this one, any ideas would be MUCH appretiated!

    "Students will design and build a device that will transport a large Grade A uncooked egg a distance of 8-12 meters along a straight track and place the egg, unbroken, on top of a standard orange raod cone without leaving a 2 meter wide lane. The intent is to transport the egg, unbroken and have it en up on the cone. Along the route there will be two speed bumps, made from 1/2 " dowels. (we were told we didnt HAVE to go over them?) You may not grease the wheels or use any chemical substances on their surface. The device must be propelled by the falling of 1km, or less, mass. This is the only source of energy allowed to make the device move. Energy sources for stopping and the device "arm" are allowed."

    These are the requirements...we can still get a passing grade if we dont make it onto the top of the cone I guess.

    ~device is sturdy and professional looking
    ~device is transportable
    ~transports egg a distance of 2 m without allowing egg to crack/break
    ~energy propulsion is solely due to the falling mass. (must be easily removed for weighing)
    ~the device has a stopping mechanism that does not propel the device (anything can be used)

    PLEASE HELP! We are having a real hard time figuring this out
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    This is a pretty common project, have you done a search on egg?
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    yah I have, but i havent been able to find anything like this
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