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Homework Help: Wedge problem

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    hi, i have this problem that i am trying to figure out, but seems i need some help..:)

    ii have attached an image and an animation to clearly explain my problem.
    what i am trying to understand is will the green base with its 1000kg lift force be able to lift the pole with the red dot (950kg) above the wedge,provided that that the friction of the wedge is very low due to lubrication.\
    in fig.1 - an additional weight is added to make the upper part heavier (1030kg) causing the entire structure to move down.
    in fig 3 - the additional weight is removed causing the disbalance in weight and pushing the red weight upward. the wedge is in place to act as extra lift ( the wedge is connected with a pole to a solid base, thus allowing the wedge to only move within the radius of the pole it is attached to.

    let me know if you have questions.

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    How would you first approach this problem, alibaba? Have you been able to draw some Fred Body Diagrams?
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