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Homework Help: Weightlessness physics question

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    Okay the problem statement is in a word document because I had to include a diagram. Please check it out.

    okay to experiece weightlessness, I know that acceleration due to gravity has to equal gravitational field strength. What bothers me is how do you experience weightlessness when there on a slope? relevant equations may be W=mg and perhaps a=gsintheta.

    Im really not sure where to start this question as it is a theory question

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    D H

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    Re: Weightlessness

    TyErd, you will have much better luck getting help if you use the template given to you when you created the post -- and you will have even better luck if you do not use attachments. I, for one, never open Microsoft Word attachments. There is just too much risk of my computer getting hosed by a virus.
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    Re: Weightlessness

    then how do i put up a diagram?
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    Re: Weightlessness

    When you reply, use the 'Go Advanced' button. This will pull up the Advanced Text Editor. It has a little paperclip icon that will allow you to upload an image.
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