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Weird questions about short circuit current capacity

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    Hi friends ,

    today we are just general talking with my boss. and he asked me a question . and that is,

    if we have equipment that is rated short circuit current is 40kA. for 1 sec. and if we must have to use that same equipment for 3 sec time. that how much short circuit current they can sustain for 03 sec time, definitely below than 40kA. but how much with respect to time ie 3 sec. let say 10kA , 20kA , 30kA, or 39.8kA. ..

    this is completely just discussion not practically by any mean please.

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    Completely indeterminate given the information you have provided. It's going to depend on the specifics of the particular equipment.
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    jim hardy

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    For something that burns, heat is developed by I2R. Lots of equipment will fail in this mode, but it's not the only failure mode.
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