What is Short circuit: Definition and 92 Discussions

A short circuit (sometimes abbreviated to short or s/c) is an electrical circuit that allows a current to travel along an unintended path with no or very low electrical impedance. This results in an excessive current flowing through the circuit.
The opposite of a short circuit is an "open circuit", which is an infinite resistance between two nodes.

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  1. T

    Connect parallel batteries with wrong poles

    I would like to do now (theoretically) a couple of rather naive things with two batteries with voltages ##V_1## and ##V_2## in parallel charged with an abstract load with resistance ##R##. Usually, one learns in elementary electronics that the only "right" configuration with batteries in...
  2. anissbenthami

    Human Resistance vs. Circuit Conductors

    Have you ever wondered why you can get an electric shock when touching a circuit, even though the human body has a higher resistance than the conductors in circuits? It goes against my belief that electricity always follows the path of least resistance.
  3. V

    B Magnetic generator multiple poles. Cancel out or short circuit?

    Science project. Real generator. But self made generator multiple magnets. What happens if I spin bar magnets inside a copper wire ring? Instead of rotating 2 separate copper rings inside a magnet that will split different flowing current on to different wires where a brush can join them...
  4. qwertypo

    Why in this short circuit geometry can I not sense a photocurrent?

    Hi, I'm wondering why shorted circuit geometry like figure 2 did not sense photocurrent? Even if the the circuit composed like 2, I guess that by the Kirchhoff's Law, voltage should apply to the ampere meter and photocurrent should be sensed. But in real experiment, I found that shorted circuit...
  5. madafo3435

    Understanding Short Circuit Current Paths in Electrical Circuits

    My reasoning is as follows: with the short circuit present, a 0 resistance can be considered between the terminals. Then, since the only objective of the short circuit current ##I_{SC}## is to give information about the Thevenin equivalent resistance and the open circuit voltage (the existence...
  6. Ntip

    Force on conductors during a short circuit fault

    If I have two parallel bars serving as a DC bus with a capacitor across the output and there is a short fault event, I know the peak current is limited by V/X. The instantaneous current would be a function of the time RLC time constant. How do I relate this to the force on the conductors due to...
  7. F

    Simulate open circuit and short circuit in MATLAB

    Here's my attempt: The results I got are close to the required answer, but there is a question telling: I tried to solve it, but Isc and Vt (in open circuit) are decreasing with the increase of the field current , so I didn't get the right answer. Could someone let me know where is my...
  8. T

    In short circuit condition, what is wrong with following derivation

    V=ir considering the whole circuit Now we knowV=E-ir Then ir=E-ir Therefore i=E/2r Therefore,V=E/2
  9. A

    Problem in identifying a short circuit in a diagram

    Hi all! while simplifying this diagram, I thought that R2 and R4 are in parallel while so I simplified the diagram to this BUT THE SOLUTION CONSIDER THAT R4 AND R2 HAVE BEEN COUR CIRCUITED! Any help would be highly appreciated particularly a rule of thumb that helps me to identify a short...
  10. L

    Parallel Equipment Grounding Conductors, Short Circuit

    I am seeking direction, information, resources and thoughts on the following subject. The common interpretation of the National Electrical Code does not allow you to use multiple smaller equipment grounding conductors in place of one larger one (except in a few cases such as a cable assembly...
  11. I

    Calculating Short Circuit Current: Tips & Advice

    Good evening to everyone! I'm pretty new in this kind of job, so every help or advice will be helpfull and I will appreciate it. I know that short circuit current from picture in attachment depends on impedance and reactance of Source MV, transformer example (10kV/0.4kV) and cables. So if I...
  12. Kevin J

    B Is it Possible for a Short Circuit to Contradict Voltage in a Parallel Circuit?

    Assume a superconducting parallel circuit being shorted, a 10V ideal battery, and a 5 Ohms resistor connected on one of its path. This means the shorted path has a 0 Ohm resistance, which also means it has no potential difference, how is this even possible if voltage across in a parallel circuit...
  13. Kevin J

    Why does current choose the short circuit path?

    I've seen answers saying that electricity takes path of least resistance, I know this and there is no need to explain this for me. A forum's answer told me that the electrons initially flow through to the path with resistance and eventually becomes congested (redirecting the remaining electrons...
  14. R

    Synchronous Generator Short Circuit - Hazards

    What are the possible hazards and causes of short circuit internally in a synchronous generator?
  15. H

    What's the current from this circuit? Is it a short circuit or not?

    Homework Statement Pic A, what's the I2? Pic B, what's the current across a-b ? Homework Equations V = I*R Voltage in series is different, the current is the same Current in parallel is different, the voltage is the same The Attempt at a Solution from Pic A, I found that I1 = 1A, I3 = 1A...
  16. Frankenstein19

    Engineering Short circuit confusion, when is the resistance 0

    Homework Statement [/B] I'm going exercises and I understand that if the circuit is short circuited that R=10 ohm is 0. (Trying to find Thevelin R in all of these btw) But then I ran across this one where when it's short circuited, isc is found using the current divider principle and it's...
  17. S

    Short Circuit Current on 161kv line

    I work at a electric arc furnace. We measure a lot of items on our furnace and found that some weeks we preform well and other we do not (kwh/ton). With everything else being equal i believe that the utility's available short circuit current is affecting this. The utility feeds our substation...
  18. Kara386

    I Why Does No Current Flow Between C and D in This Circuit?

    In the circuit in the image attached, why does no current flow between C and D? I've been told it's a short circuit I just don't see why, there is a resistor in that branch. The source is connected between terminals A and B.
  19. T

    Dumb question regarding short circuit test equivalent resistance

    Hi, Silly little question about the transformer short circuit test. When I perform it with the secondary shorted and I get Req = Power / current2 is this Req = Rpri + Rsec? If I measured Rpri and Rsec with a multimeter? Thanks
  20. A

    Current direction after changing inductor to short circuit

    Homework Statement In the figure in the picture uploaded assume that the switch has been closed for a long time such that the inductor acts like a short circuit. Through which resistors does the current pass through and why?? Homework Equations A short circuit is basically a wire or a zero...
  21. Marcin H

    Engineering Open Circuit Voltage and Short Circuit Voltage

    Homework Statement Homework Equations V=IR Current Loop method, KCL, Node Voltage The Attempt at a Solution I am struggling with this problem because I haven't seen a circuit like this before. I think I found the Voc correctly (4V) but I am stuck with finding the short circuit current. I...
  22. Naakicibi

    Resistor parallel to short circuit when finding R_thev ....?

    (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to insert an image from my drive) I have a problem where in finding the thevenin resistance I take out my independent sources and as a result I'm left with a resistor parallel to a short circuit. Should I ignore this resistor when calculating equivalent...
  23. J

    Impedance of a 5kW generator (synchronous single phase)

    Hi everyone! As a Belgian student electrical engineering, I am going to Peru this summer with Humasol vzw, a development organisation that works with engineering students. Our job is to build a hydro turbine next to a small river to provide a little community with electricity. Also part of our...
  24. S

    Short circuit current and Open circuit voltage -- Illumination

    Homework Statement I'm trying to understand the dependence of short circuit current and open circuit voltage on illumination. Short-circuit current is due to the generation and collection of light-generated carriers -- so does that mean the short circuit current is linearly dependent on...
  25. P

    How to find equivalent circuits

    Hi, I need to learn how to find equivalent circuits using what my textbook calls open circuit and short circuit methods. Thank you all for you support
  26. K

    Weird questions about short circuit current capacity

    Hi friends , today we are just general talking with my boss. and he asked me a question . and that is, if we have equipment that is rated short circuit current is 40kA. for 1 sec. and if we must have to use that same equipment for 3 sec time. that how much short circuit current they can...
  27. T

    What Happens to Flux in an Induction Motor When Short Circuited?

    Just a curiosity about what happens to the flux, when you short circuit an induction machine. Say there is an initial flux and you're rotating the shaft of an IM and then you short circuit the stator, so no doubt you'll get large currents in the stator, but those large currents, will they cause...
  28. R

    Design of a short circuit kit for DUTs (switch, opamp, LEDs)

    Hi folks, I would like to clarify few doubts on my mini-project as mentioned below: I am designing a small kit using a transistor (2N3904) and an OP-AMP (LM741- Voltage follower) with few resistors connected to them. My power supply voltage value is 5V. Please refer to the below picture for...
  29. T

    Synchronous Machine Transent parameters from sudden 3phase Short Circuit

    Hi, So we're doing this Lab on Transient reactance of a synch generator and I'm reading Sarma's classic: Electric Machines Steady-state theory and Dynamic performance p. 474-479 But I can't see how to get the actual exponential time constants for the sub-transient and transient reactances? Thanks
  30. hdp12

    Engineering Solving a Circuit with Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement I'm in a lab and we have this circuit & question as part of the pre-lab The Attempt at a Solution I began trying to use nodal analysis to get Va & Vb & to then use Vab to get the voltage and then the current but after doing what you can see above, I stopped because I...
  31. M

    Confused about short circuit and open circuit

    i know that short circuit is when current is max while resistance is zero and open circuit is when resistance is infinite and current is zero, but in terms of voltage, if i have a part of circuit and i want to know whether it is short or open circuit and i only know : the voltage and if the...
  32. B

    Short Circuit Current in Solar PV Cells

    I'm reading about short circuit current in a solar PV cell and I am a little confused. The short circuit current is defined as the current across the solar cell when there is zero potential difference across the cell. At this point the short circuit current is equal to the light current. What...
  33. M

    Engineering Using the Short Circuit Test on a Single Phase Transformer?

    Homework Statement A short circuit test is performed on a small single phase transformer. The results are: Primary Voltage 5V, 60Hz Primary Current 2A Secondary Current 10A Primary Power 8W a) Making suitable approximations deduce the primary/secondary turns ratio (single number)? b) Making...
  34. T

    Open circuit short circuit (test) TX flux effect

    Hi, It's been a while but from what I remember when you short circuit a transformer, electrically it's like you've series'd up the coils and shorted the magnetisation branch. And when you open circuit a side of the TX it is like the current flows through a side then through the magnetisation...
  35. N

    Current Source in Parallel with Short Circuit

    Homework Statement Which of the following are self-contradictory combinations of circuit elements? - A 2 Amp current source in parallel with a short circuit. Homework Equations KVL- "the sum of voltages around a closed loop amounts to 0. KCL- "the current into a node equals the current out...
  36. S

    Equivalent resistance with a short circuit

    Homework Statement Find the equivalent resistance of the circuit shown below. Homework Equations R=\Sigma_{i}R_{i} 1/R=\Sigma_{i}1/R_{i} The Attempt at a Solution I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how this circuit can be simplified. All I see is a big short circuit where the...
  37. V

    Short circuit current of a Schottky diode solar cell

    Hi everyone, I am working with a solar cell realized with a metal-semiconductor junction. I need to find an expression for the short circuit current of this solar cell, but in the literature I have only found models for the standard case of a pn junction solar cell. Does anyone know a...
  38. P

    Is this a short circuit or not?

    My doubt is about the circuit in the picture. The capacitor is charged ans the switch open. There's a voltimeter connected to the terminals of the capacitor. Does a current flow through the wires of the voltimeter causing a short circuit? If not, what would happen in the circuit described...
  39. E

    Detecting Phase sequence with light bulbs/ Short circuit voltage

    Homework Statement 1) If one is using light bulbs to detect phase sequence then it is wise to connect them in series with circuit resistor. Why ? 2) There is short circuit in phase "A". In which case is short circuit voltage larger, in four-drive (?) system or in three-drive (?) system ...
  40. L

    Engineering Short circuit calculation small network: gen motor transformer cables

    Hello guys, I have to make a short circuit calculation for school but I am a bit lost.. I have a copy off the IEC61363 and internet connection as my help lines. Homework Statement The network consists of a generator feeding to switchboard A with a cable in between, on the same...
  41. E

    Method 2 make burst then short circuit

    Hi All, I am trying to make a system which supplies a large burst mode AC signal to a piezo and then short circuits the terminals once the burst is over( here in the literature). The system has a Function Generator attached to a High Power amplifier which is attached to the leads of the...
  42. V

    Engineering How does this short circuit affect this circuit?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am trying to find the value for i as i→∞. Since ∞>0, I must look at the circuit when t>0. However, when t>0, there is a short circuit. I know that you can short circuit resistors so I can easily short circuit the...
  43. tipu_sultan

    Maximum Short Circuit Current (Fault-Current) before breakdown of cond

    Here find some attached circuit of three phase cabinet which operation voltage is 400V /415V and have operated current 800A, fault current for 1 sec is 46 KA and have incoming and outgoing links with one phase Lighting and socket. I want to know is there some method that one can calculate...
  44. C

    Engineering Transformers open circuit and short circuit test confusion

    Homework Statement A 50 KVA,6360 V/230 V transformer is tested on open and short-circuit to obtain its efficiency,the results being as follows: O.C.: Primary Voltage-6360 V, Primary Current-1 A, Power Input - 2 kW S.C: Voltage across primary winding-180 V Current in secondary...
  45. P

    Calculating Short Circuit Current with Node Equations

    Homework Statement http://postimg.org/image/b8p4rszot/ There is a short circuit between the terminals a-b Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution so I found the node voltages at 1 and 2, but I don't know how to use these to get the short circuit current...
  46. P

    Short circuit current distribution

    Hi, After adding a wire across a circuit to section off part of the load in the form of a short circuit, I am still seeing a couple of milliamps flowing through the load. Is this due to the fact that the wires used to create the short circuit will have a small amount of resistance, hence...
  47. P

    Why is R1 Open in Short Circuit?

    Hi, Would someone care to please explain why no current passes through R1 (see attachment) in case Vs is replaced with a short and the inductor is considered a short too (in the steady state, for DC)? Why would the R1 branch be open and not short? Is it not in parallel with short under the...
  48. A

    Why voltage in a short circuit is 0?

    Why voltage in a short circuit is 0? I=U/R , R goes to 0, I goes to infinity => U=IR= 0 times infinity, i don't get it, why 0 "wins" here? Thank you!
  49. P

    Engineering Synchronous Machines - Open Circuit and Short Circuit Tests

    This was a theoretical / rhetorical question posed by the professor during class. He hinted that this will be on the next quiz. I think I know the answer, but can you guys verify it for me? Homework Statement Why do we not perform the Open Circuit Test and Short Circuit Test one after...