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  1. I

    Short circuit current

    Good evening to everyone! I'm pretty new in this kind of job, so every help or advice will be helpfull and I will appreciate it. I know that short circuit current from picture in attachment depends on impedance and reactance of Source MV, transformer example (10kV/0.4kV) and cables. So if I...
  2. Kevin J

    B Why does current choose the short circuit path?

    I've seen answers saying that electricity takes path of least resistance, I know this and there is no need to explain this for me. A forum's answer told me that the electrons initially flow through to the path with resistance and eventually becomes congested (redirecting the remaining electrons...
  3. H

    What's the current from this circuit? Is it a short circuit or not?

    Homework Statement Pic A, what's the I2? Pic B, what's the current across a-b ? Homework Equations V = I*R Voltage in series is different, the current is the same Current in parallel is different, the voltage is the same The Attempt at a Solution from Pic A, I found that I1 = 1A, I3 = 1A...
  4. S

    Short Circuit Current on 161kv line

    I work at a electric arc furnace. We measure a lot of items on our furnace and found that some weeks we preform well and other we do not (kwh/ton). With everything else being equal i believe that the utility's available short circuit current is affecting this. The utility feeds our substation...
  5. T

    Dumb question regarding short circuit test equivalent resistance

    Hi, Silly little question about the transformer short circuit test. When I perform it with the secondary shorted and I get Req = Power / current2 is this Req = Rpri + Rsec? If I measured Rpri and Rsec with a multimeter? Thanks
  6. Naakicibi

    Resistor parallel to short circuit when finding R_thev ...?

    (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to insert an image from my drive) I have a problem where in finding the thevenin resistance I take out my independent sources and as a result I'm left with a resistor parallel to a short circuit. Should I ignore this resistor when calculating equivalent...
  7. J

    Impedance of a 5kW generator (synchronous single phase)

    Hi everyone! As a Belgian student electrical engineering, I am going to Peru this summer with Humasol vzw, a development organisation that works with engineering students. Our job is to build a hydro turbine next to a small river to provide a little community with electricity. Also part of our...
  8. P

    How to find equivalent circuits

    Hi, I need to learn how to find equivalent circuits using what my textbook calls open circuit and short circuit methods. Thank you all for you support
  9. K

    Weird questions about short circuit current capacity

    Hi friends , today we are just general talking with my boss. and he asked me a question . and that is, if we have equipment that is rated short circuit current is 40kA. for 1 sec. and if we must have to use that same equipment for 3 sec time. that how much short circuit current they can...
  10. hdp12

    Engineering I (short circuit) Question

    Homework Statement I'm in a lab and we have this circuit & question as part of the pre-lab The Attempt at a Solution I began trying to use nodal analysis to get Va & Vb & to then use Vab to get the voltage and then the current but after doing what you can see above, I stopped because I...
  11. B

    Short Circuit Current in Solar PV Cells

    I'm reading about short circuit current in a solar PV cell and I am a little confused. The short circuit current is defined as the current across the solar cell when there is zero potential difference across the cell. At this point the short circuit current is equal to the light current. What...
  12. T

    Open circuit short circuit (test) TX flux effect

    Hi, It's been a while but from what I remember when you short circuit a transformer, electrically it's like you've series'd up the coils and shorted the magnetisation branch. And when you open circuit a side of the TX it is like the current flows through a side then through the magnetisation...