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Well here goes, I'm learning LaTex!

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    Not too bad, gets more intuitive as you go along. If that makes sense.

    Going through some tutorials and trying to type of some math for a paper. Some basic and very stupid questions. I am using the TeXworks editor.

    When I get errors on attempting to typeset, I'm given a line number where the error occurred. That would be very helpful, if I knew where that line was. But it's not like they are numbered or anything, and I really don't want to count. Obviously I'm missing something here.

    I'm getting a "there's no line here to end" error, but it doesn't say what line. Where is "here?"

    That's all for now...

    -Dave K
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    Why is it that one always discovers the answer to ones own question after posting? I even pre-googled!

    I figured out how to "go to line" (control L) and the "no line to end" indeed had a line number a few lines down.

    So, nevermind. Sorry. But I might have more questions if I can use this thread...
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    Sometimes the hat is *on* your head already!
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    You said it...
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