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What are GMT and TPL fuses?

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    There is this really nifty thing out there called "Google Search". You should learn to use it.

    Just Google for "define GMT fuse" and "define TPL fuse"
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    I put this post here because I was unable to find a definition with Google. I found nothing that expanded the acronym. Moreover, a large amount of answers found on the magical-super-nifty-awesome Google search comes from answers to forum posts. If no one posted answers on forums, there wouldn't be very many answers to be found with Google.

    In fact, one of the first things that comes up when searching "define GMT fuse" (I did the search from my phone, which I had not previously used to look at this post) is this forum post. So, a constructive answer to this question will hopefully help other people searching for similar answers.

    I was able to find the definition of GMT: grasshoppers made for telecommunication. But I still was not able to find anything about what that actually means.
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    Hm... I got numerous immediate results on each that listed what the acronyms stand for. I didn't bother to read the articles, just assumed that they explained things.

    Maybe phones get different results.
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    These are not acronyms, they are Bussmann part nomenclature. Go to Bussmann website to check them out. There are lots of others: TPA, TPS, TPC etc.
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    So they are just part part numbers then. Thanks
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