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What are the odds?

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    A friend recently observed that Manchester United have been drawn against Aston Villa in The 3rd round of the FA Cup 4 times in the past 7 draws. There are 64 teams in the 3rd round draw. What are the odds of this happening?

    I believe I have the answer, but I need someone to verify my answer to ensure that my understanding is correct.

    So, what are the odds?
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    Okay, obviously this is too easy a question to bother most of you. My answer was 1/472,216. Is that right?
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    Actually, I think the problem is here

    If you want to make sure your understanding is correct, the best way is surely to post what you think the correct method would be
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    Chance of Man U drawing Villa on one occasion A = 1/63
    Chance of that not happening on same occasion B = 62/63

    Chance of it happening 4 times in a row followed by 3 failures is AAAABBB=623/637.

    This probability is equal to the probability of the initial condition being satisfied (that Manu draw Vill 4 times in 7), by each of the 7!/(4!*3!) = 35 different possible permeatations. Accounting for all possible solutions, the probability that the initial condition is satisfied, is 35 times 623/637 = 1/472,216.
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    Looks good to me
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    I get 35*62^3/63^7 = 1191640/562711519881, but that's close enough to your answer.

    Note that the chance of Man U drawing some team 4 times out of 7 (not just Villa in particular) is 1191640/8931928887, which at roughly 1/7495 is a fair bit more likely. The chance of it happening to at least one team (not just Man U) is about 1/242. The chance of at least one team pulling some other team at least 4 times is little changed at about 1/238.
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