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What can you build

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    Sorry if there is already a thread for this. But what are all the different types of EE and with each specialization what are things you can make and what kind of things do you guys make on your own at home
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    Off the top of my head, I can think of several specializations in EE. In general about your question of building things at home, you can start with simple kits (google electronics kits, or visit your local Radio Shack type store), and then progress into building microcontroller (uC) based projects for the different specialties...

    ** Analog (power supplies, RF, sensors, displays, power actuators and systems, etc.)

    ** Digital (CPLD/ASICs, embedded systems, DSP, RISC, etc.)

    ** Systems (communications systems, system optimization, etc.)

    ** Software/Firmware (embedded systems, back-end software, compilers, etc.)

    ** Medical Electronics & Bioengineering (imaging, biological sensors, laboratory sample analysis systems, etc.)
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    Just a 'hobbyist' EE (do software for a living), but stuff I've built at home:

    - Power supplies -- of various sorts
    - High power 12VDC supply that lets me run a car air compressor from 120VAC
    - Variable bench supply
    - Multi supply (+/- 5, +/- 12, one variable)

    - Audio amps, preamps, boosters,
    - Video amp
    - Guitar 'Fuzz' box
    - power timers/switches, etc.

    Got projects in the works for bench signal generator, RF Freq counter, RC control for model rockets, etc.

    Fun stuff.
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    Thanks guys. That's really cool I'm gonna start doing some basic fun stuff on my own
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    just wondering could an EE be able to make a live security camera
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    Sure. You'd usually start with a building block like a CCD imaging chip that you can buy from manufacturers, but beyond that, you could design and build all the other circuitry.
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    You can get wireless camera from stores..just plug it in to the usb port and enjoy surveillance

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