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What computer languages make up this site?

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    I am a CS major (I just started) and I noticed that the site is very smooth and quick to load. What languages make up this site?
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    Good to hear!

    Very common languages and markup like PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

    We have a good server, that is optimized and uses a lot of caching. We also use a CDN.

    I've spent a lot of time working on ways to improve performance. It's no accident.
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    Indeed. I can always hear the faint sound of jackhammers, wrenches, and broken keyboards in the background when I'm on PF.

    I can honestly say that Greg spends an inordinate amount of time trying to find ways to improve PF, both in the background and foreground. Thanks, Greg!
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    Interesting! It's a very enjoyable experience exploring a clean looking/working website.
    Thank you
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    And it's probably better than you realize. Another forum where I spend a small amount of time uses exactly the same base software as PF uses but the work spent on configuring things is way less and it shows.
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