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What happens if I can answer my own question?

  1. Nov 9, 2015 #1
    Assume, for example, I posted a thread in the Homework forum that no one replied to.
    Now, later on, after much trying, I have answered the question and found the solution.

    If I want to put my solution up on the thread, do I:

    a) Edit my post to include it? and include [SOLVED] in the title?
    b) Reply to my own post with the solution? and indicate the thread solved in the same way.

    (or does one not indicate the problem as solved at all?)

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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    It's generally best if you just reply instead of edit. It's usually too confusing if the original post gets edited.

    And you may not be able to edit the thread title if some time has passed (I forget what the current time limit is). You could click Report in the thread and ask the Mentors to edit the thread title, but so far we have not been using "Solved" for any purposes in the Homework Help forums.
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    You might not be able to do option a if more than a few hours has gone by. There's only a short window of time during which you can edit your post. If you have found a solution, go ahead a post a reply to your first post.

    We don't normally mark threads when the question is answered.
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    If you do B you are actually bumping it and it is forbidden. You should edit it and mark it as solved.
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    Not quite true. We would not consider a solution reply as a bump.

    EDIT -- and users are allowed one bump post after a thread has gone without replies for 24 hours.
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    Excellent post in the Homework Help forums, BTW! Nicely done. :smile:
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    Thank you all very much! I'll stick up my solution as a reply soon.
    I look forward to seeing you all around PF!

    Haha, cheers mate! My lab reports are done through LaTeX, all the formatting finally seems to have drilled its way into my skull :oldbiggrin:
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    This is like a particle meeting its own antiparticle. Your answer will annihilate the question!



  10. Nov 10, 2015 #9
    No, it isn't. B is perfectly allowed.
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