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I What is diffusion voltage?

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    I was reading this paper on rectifying properties of mangese oxide films, and came across this mention of diffusion voltage. Can anyone explain please what it is? Here's the context:

    In this piece of work, we successfully constructed heterojunctions by growing a manganite $La_{0.9}Hf_{0.1}MnO_{3}$ LHMO on a 0.7 wt % Nd-doped SrTiO$_3$ STON crystal. The heterojunction showed an excellent rectifying property in a wide temperature range from 20 to 300 K. The diffusion voltage $V_d$ and junction resistance $R_jun$ as functions of temperature were studied. The results were discussed by considering the band diagram of LHMO/STON junction and the tunneling current through the junction.

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