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What is Mainstream Physics?

  1. Dec 28, 2015 #1
    I'm searching on google and I can't find out any definition or explanation of what it is. From other discussion, it appears to be some connection between Mathematics and Physics...
    So I think you guys will know much better what it is.
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    It is all the physics that is currently accepted as valid or at least plausible by working physicists. Usually, if something is published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal, or if it is part of a reputable textbook in physics, then it is seen as mainstream physics.
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    This is physics practiced by majority of physicists.
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    So much thanks. So it's the same like Physics?
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    Yes. Generally when someone says "physics" they mean "mainstream physics". The extra qualifier is usually omitted except when we need to make a distinction between mainstream and non-mainstream (which is, loosely, stuff that has not proven its value and usefulness).
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