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What is mole fraction solubility?

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    As asked above, what is mole fraction solubility? From what I've been taught, it is the following equation:

    mole fraction solubility = (number of moles of solute)/(number of moles of solute + number of moles of solvent)

    Is that even correct?

    In actual fact, there's a question that deals with this problem. I've attached it for you to see. I've attempted it several times but I can't seem to reach the answer which is supposedly
    8.98 x 10^-4

    Many thanks.

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    Definition looks logical, even if it is the first time I hear about it.

    And I am unable to reproduce the result as well, I got solubility almost exactly 6 times lower.
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    Thank you for confirming it with me. I also had a value that was considerably lower as well. The answer may be incorrect then.
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