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Molé is a surname of French origin. People with that name include:

Louis-Mathieu Molé
Mathieu Molé

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  1. U

    Chemistry Why does the solution divide by two in Mole Stoichiometry?

    So essentially I followed pretty much what is in the picture here in this solution. https://www.slader.com/textbook/9780134162430-chemistry-a-molecular-approach-4th-edition/242/exercises/79/ My question is essentially why does he do the 0.07XXX mol f2 * 2mol clf3/3mol f2 * 92xx g/2mol f2 =...
  2. il postino

    Chemistry Relationship between ppm and mole fraction

    Hi all! I have a question ... I have to calculate the partial pressure of O2 Ccan I calculate the mole fraction from the data of 1 ppm of O2? The total pressure is 760 torr Thank you!
  3. G

    The number of atoms in an amount of a substance

    According to Wikipedia, its (quoting) the number of discrete atomic-scale particles in it divided by the Avogadro constant So a molecule of hydrogen would have an amount of substance of 2/NA and would have a mass of 2/(6*10^23) daltons?
  4. danyull

    Internal Energy of a Mole of Particles each with 3 Energy Levels

    Hello, I'm doing some refreshers before going back to school. Stat mech is my shakiest and I'd appreciate some help on this problem. I know that for a single particle, the partition function will be $$Z = 1 + 2e^{-\beta\Delta} + 2e^{-4\beta\Delta}$$ and so its internal energy is $$\frac{1}{Z}...
  5. K

    Chemistry Understanding Heat of Neutralization in Acid-Base Reactions

    I have a couple of questions related to this task. The reaction that I proposed was this: NaOH(aq) + HCl(aq) <--> Na+ + Cl- + H2O (l) where as the solution manual have this net reaction, as nothing will happen with the Na+ and Cl- ions: H+ + OH- <--> H2O. I assume these reactions will...
  6. M

    Why Use Nuclear Charge In Finding Energy Value of Singular Electron?

    My Textbook says this is the formula to find energy values for electron shells: $$E_{mol of electrons} = \frac{-1312kJ}{n^2}$$ where $n$ is in electron shell number But when we divide by 1 mol to get the energy value for each electron we get $$E_{electron} = \frac{-2.178 \cdot 10^{-18}}{n^2}...
  7. HCverma

    Difference between 1 mole of CH4 and 1 molecule of CH4?

    Is there any difference between 1 mole of CH4 and 1 molecule of CH4? or they mean the same thing?
  8. S

    Chemistry Relation between mole, volume and pressure fraction

    Homework Statement If mole fraction, pressure fraction and volume fraction are denoted by Xmol , Xp, XV respectively, of a gaseous component, then what is the relation between them? Homework Equations mole fraction = mole of component / total moles pressure fraction = pressure of component /...
  9. Suyash Singh

    Chemistry Calculating Final Composition of Compounds in Haber's Process with 50% Yield

    Homework Statement 30 litres of N2 and 30 litres of H2 are taken in Habers process with 50% yield.What is the final composition of the compunds in litres? Homework Equations N2+3H2->2NH3 The Attempt at a Solution N2 + 3H2-> 2NH3 intial: 30 30 0 final: 30 - x/2 30-(3x)/2 (2x)/2 so, 30 - x/2 +...
  10. I

    The difference between 1 mole of C and 1 molecule of C?

    As we know, in the case of an atom, 1 mole of C = 6.023 X 10^23 C atoms and in the case of a molecule, 1 mole of C molecule = 6.023 X 10^23 molecules. as we know, atoms are used to make molecules, So can I say 1 mole of C atoms make 1 molecule of C because what we get If we break 1 molecule of C...
  11. I

    What to say: "one mole of C atoms" or "one mole of C molecules"?

    As we know, Please point out if I am wrong here one molecule of CO = one mole of CO molecules = 6.223 X 10^23 number of CO molecules If I split one molecule of CO, we get one C and one O. Here are my questions, What to say these ''one C and one O" one mole of C atoms and one mole of O atoms or...
  12. S

    Chemistry Thermodynamics mole ratio question

    Homework Statement A sample of K (s) of mass 2.740g undergoes combustion in a constant volume calorimeter at 298.15K . The calorimeter constant is 1849 J/K , and the measured temperature rise in the inner water bath containing 1450 of water is 1.60K Calculate the internal energy of formation...
  13. Pushoam

    Change in entropy per mole for an isothermal process

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution ## dS = \frac { dQ_{rev} } { T } ## Assuming that isothermal process is a reversible processes, ## dU = dQ – pdV## For isothermal process, dU = 0. ## dQ = pdV ## ## pV = nRT##, where n is number of moles. For one mole, ##...
  14. P

    How to calculate weight needed for a concentration

    I haven't had a chemistry class in many years. Recently I saw an interesting article that used a solution of resveratrol (228.25 grams per mole) in dimethylsulfoxide (78.13 grams per mole). The concentration was listed as 5 uMol. If I had 10 grams of DMSO how much resveratrol would I add to...
  15. MathematicalPhysicist

    Chemistry How to Calculate Mole Fractions and Molar Volume in a Thermodynamic System?

    Homework Statement This question is problem 1.3.1 from Herbert Callen's textbook in Thermodynamics, second edition. In the answers I have the following: Mole fraction of NaCl = 0.057, molar volume =$18\times 10^{-6} m^3/mole$. How did they arrive at these answers? did they multiplied the...
  16. T

    Trouble finding where I went wrong calculating concentration

    In our laboratory class we were required to calculate the stock (mM) and final (µM) concentrations for Glycerol. The tutor said my final calculations were incorrect and that I had made an error. He didn't have enough time show me where I went wrong. I have compared my results with another...
  17. donaldparida

    Fundamental problem regarding mole concept

    Background: Amount of substance is a fundamental physical quantity which has mole (mol) as it's SI unit. Therefore all expressions for amount of substance should have the unit mole on simplification. Therefore, if A = Amount of substance (normally in moles), m = Mass of the substance in a...
  18. Wrichik Basu

    A problem in volumetric calculations in Chemistry

    Homework Statement :[/B] The density of a 2.05 molar solution of acetic acid is 1.02g/ml. The Molality of the solution is: (a) 1.14 mole/kg (b) 3.28 mole/kg (c) 2.28 mole/g (d) 0.44 mole/kg Homework Equations :[/B] The Attempt at a Solution :[/B] I tried it out very simply using unitary...
  19. W

    Mole balance issue with volume division

    Homework Statement Here we divide the mole balance by the volume ##4*\pi## ##*## r2##*##dr and take lim as dr->0(standard procedure) 1) How exactly he makes the transition from equation from 6 to 7? Exercise #2(see below please) Solution for Problem#2 2)Why does he divide here by...
  20. Giuseppe96

    Chemistry Guys i in some chemistry mole exercises please

    1)When Mg is burned in air,a mixture of MgO and Mg3N2 is produced.If 3,6g of Mg produces 5,7g of mixture,what is the percentage by mass of each compound in the mixture? 2)A solution of an acid having the formula H3NSO3 is prepared by dissolving 9,7g in water and making up the solution to...
  21. F

    Mass fraction to mole fraction

    How to convert mass fraction to mole fraction? Is it using the molecular weight?
  22. L

    Chemistry Calculate mass of compound given the mole % of total solution

    Homework Statement Known: [/B] Mass of compound A: 15mg (weighed in excess), MM=200g/mol Mass of compound B: 6mg, MM=700g/mol Concentration of each compound listed above(Concentration of solution of compound A or solution of Compound B): 20mg/L Total concentration of the solution: 20mg/mL Molar...
  23. P

    I Quarks in a Mole: Hydrogen, Plutonium & the Periodic Chart

    Quarks in a Mole If I have one mole of hydrogen, I only have Up and Down Quarks, right? If I have one mole of Plutonium, I should have all the Quarks, right? Where on the Periodic Chart do all the Quarks start showing up?
  24. K

    Chemistry  Calculate Grams of Carbon Residue from Propane

    An incomplete reaction of 12.125 g of propane proceeds as follows: 3 C3H8(g) + 14 O2(g) → 8 CO2(g) + 12 H2O(g) + C(s) How many grams of solid carbon residue are produced as a product? So, C3H8 C=3(12.01)=36.03 g/mol. H=8(1.01) = 8.08 g/mol. =...
  25. grandpa2390

    Calculate this value of 1 mole at STP with C_V

    Homework Statement Given ##(\frac{∂H}{∂U})_P = (\frac{C_V+ (π_T + P)*V*a}{C_V + V*a*π_T}) ## Calculate this value of 1 mole of ideal gas at STP that has constant heat capacity of 12.5 ##\frac{J*K}{mol}## n=1 T = 273.15 K P = 1 atm ##C_V = 12.5 \frac{J*K}{mol}## a = ? ##π_T = ?## Homework...
  26. Priyadarshini

    Chemistry Solving Al + BaNO3 Reactions for N2 Volume

    Homework Statement The reaction between aluminium powder and anhydrous barium nitrate is used as the propellant in some fireworks. The metal oxides and nitrogen are the only products. Which volume of nitrogen, measured under room conditions, is produced when 0.783 g of anhydrous barium nitrate...
  27. Stephanus

    Volume of 1 Mole O2 & CO2 at Same Temperature & Pressure

    Dear PF Forum, A: 1 mole O2 is roughly 32 grams? 1 mole ozone is roughly 48 grams? 1 mole CO2 is roughly 46 grams? Considering there are isotopes --------------------------------------------------------------- B: Do, at the same temperature and pressure, 1 mole CO2 and 1 mole O2 have the...
  28. S

    Internal Energy of 1 mole of Ideal Gas

    Homework Statement One litre cylinder contains 1 mole of the ideal gas molecules having the average kinetic energy of 0.1eV. What is the total energy of this gas? Homework Equations W = K + U The Attempt at a Solution I figured because the cylinder is closed, no stated temperature change, or...
  29. P

    Can "mole" unit only be integer values?

    I am confused about the concept of a mole. Avogadro's # says that 1 mole has 6.023*10^23 particles. Does it make sense to talk about moles in a non-integer sense? For example, can you say that 1/2 mole has 1/2*(6.023*10^23) particles?
  30. Sace Ver

    Oxygen Atoms: Molecule vs. Mole

    Homework Statement How many oxygen atoms are there in one molecule of oxygen gas? How many oxygen atoms are there in one mole of oxygen gas? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] There are 2 oxygen atoms in one molecule of oxygen gas. There is 6.02x1023 oxygen atoms in one mole of...
  31. Sace Ver

    Chemistry Understand the Mole Concept: Formula of Compound w/ 3 O, 1 Al & 3 H

    Homework Statement What is the formula of a compound containing 3 moles of oxygen, one mole of aluminum and 3 moles of hydrogen in each mole of the compound? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't really understand the question at all.
  32. toforfiltum

    Chemistry Some problems with mole fraction

    Homework Statement Homework Equations not sure The Attempt at a Solution First, I'm a bit confused as to what the mole fraction of the products mean. Can someone explain? Is it something to do about the total number of carbon and hydrogen atoms in methane, ethene and propene? Just can't...
  33. R

    Does 1 mole of all gas exert equal pressure

    1 mole of all gas has equal number of molecules irrespective of their size. So I just wanted to know when 1 mole of molecules exerts pressure on the wall of a container, will it be same for all gases, irrespective of their molecules sizes.
  34. B

    Mole concept Molar mass and mass no

    The most so called "difficult" topic in chemistry mole.I am Confused in it a lot..please clear the doubt. Firstly,The mass no of each elements means the mass Of how much atoms in the elements and relative to what.as we know we assume a prototype as scientist did named it as kilogram and then on...
  35. mooncrater

    Chemistry Partial pressure vs mole fraction graph

    Homework Statement There is a statement in a book : " Graph of P vs ##\chi## is a straight line which ##cannot## pass through origin" Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution But if mole fraction of a component is zero then it can't form vapours because of which its partial pressure will be...
  36. H

    Chemistry Mole fraction of gas in a mixture

    Homework Statement At 1 atm and 0° C, a 5.04 L mixture of methane (CH4) and propane(C3H8) was burned producing 20.9 g of CO2. Assume complete combustion. 1. How many moles total of methane and propane were present before combustion? 2. How many moles of carbon dioxide were present after the...
  37. akashpandey

    Mole: Avogadro's Number & Its Discovery

    Why there is 1mole⇒6.022*1023 atom. Why there is not another number. How avogrado find that number exactely correct at that time where there was no instuments.
  38. S

    Feed Ratio and Mole fraction outut

    Homework Statement The chemical analysis of a fuel is determined to be: 84.60 wt% C, 11.12 wt% H, 1.95 wt % S and the balance, inerts. The fuel is consumed in a steam generating furnace with 33% excess theoretical air. The air is preheated to 190degreesC and enters the furnace at a gauge...
  39. C

    Pressure Volume graph finding total mole of gas

    Homework Statement An ideal monoatomic gas undergoes the following cycle: from 1.) V1 = 1m3, p1=2.5kPa, T1=200k to 2) V2=1m3, p2=7.5kPa then to 3)V3=3m3, p3=2.5kPA, and 4) back to 1). a. Sketch b. How many mole of gas are in the process? c. Give the missing temperatures at positions 2. and 3...
  40. N

    Chemistry Understanding the reasoning behind the mole

    Homework Statement My book says that if the ratio of the masses of the samples is the same as the ratio of the masses of the components then the two samples contain the same number of components. That part makes sense. But how do we know that the same number of components has to be 6.02 x...
  41. 1

    Chemistry Relationship between Atomic PPM and Mole

    Homework Statement Why does 25 atomic ppm oxygen mean 25 moles of oxygen in 1e6 mole Fe? Homework Equations # = mol*Avo The Attempt at a Solution I understand the ppm (parts per million) part. Hence why 25 ppm means 25:1e6. What I do not understand is how they go from atomic to...
  42. Y

    I need some clarifications about the mole, please

    1 mole of a substance equals the amount of grams needed for that substance to have 6.0221413e+23 (Avogadro's number) atoms in it, isn't it? In order to determine how many grams one mole of a substance is, I've learned that you just need to check the atomic mass number on your periodic table...
  43. N

    Entropy of a mole of a crystalline solid as a function of temperature

    Homework Statement 5. The nuclei of atoms in a certain crystalline solid have spin one. Each nucleus can be in anyone of three quantum states labeled by the quantum number m, where m = −1,0,1. This quant number measures the projection of the nuclear spin along a crystal axis of the solid. Due...
  44. B

    Mixture Mass & Mole Relationships: A General Overview

    This is a more general question: is it always true for a mixture that if we define M(average) such that m(total) = n(total) * M(average), where n(total) is the total number of moles of species in the mixture (summed over all species) and m(total) is the total mass of the mixture, then M(average)...
  45. K

    Chemistry Calculate Mole Fraction, Density, & %w/w given Molarity and Molality?

    Homework Statement Consider the following aqueous solution at 25°C Cr2(SO4)3, 1.26 mol/L, 1.37 mol/kg Calculate the mole fraction, density and % w/w Homework Equations χ = n Cr2(SO4)3 / n Cr2(SO4)3 + n H2O Unit conversions ρ= g solvent / mL solution % w/w = mass solvent / 100 g...
  46. J

    Chemistry What is the mole ratio of NaOH to C8H8O3 in this reaction?

    Homework Statement We are given the fact that 0.12 mol NaOH reacts with 0.015 mol methyl salicylate (C8H8O3) to form disodium salicylate (C7H4Na2O3). We're asked to calculate the mole ratio of NaOH to C8H8O3, identify the limiting reagents, and find the theoretical yield. Homework Equations...
  47. kira506

    What is the Mole? Answers Here

    I've read a lot about the mole , avogadro's no. , molecular mass and such , but I can't seem to understand anything , and no , the wiki article wasn't helpful at all ! Put simply : 1- I read that the mole is the molecular mass expressed in grams , for example an Oxygen atom has 16 as a mass no...
  48. B

    The figure shows a PV diagram for 2.69 mole of oxygen gas in a sealed

    Homework Statement The figure shows a PV diagram for 2.69 mole of oxygen gas in a sealed container. The temperature of state 1 is 21 C. Pressure is Pi. What is T3 and T4? http://s74.photobucket.com/user/teysure/media/phyiscs.png.html?sort=3&o=0 my attempt at solving the solution...
  49. N

    Chemistry Chemical Process Analysis - Mole Flow Rate

    Homework Statement 120 mol/min of Propane (C3H8) is burned in the presence of air (21% O2 and 79% N2) in a furnace, two reactions occur: Complete Combustion: 67%, propane is burned to CO2 and H2O Incomplete Combustion: 18%, propane is burned to CO and H2O Oxygen is supplied at 70%...
  50. D

    Confused about mole ratio being relative or absolute

    Let's start with a generalized example: 3A + 1B -> 2C For the mole amount next to each molecule, am I always to consider these as relative to one another or absolute? Most of the videos I have seen are describing the above as "for every 3 moles of A and 1 mole of B you get 2 moles of C". I...