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What is Specific Volume?

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    Ideal gas law

    P = density*R*Temperature

    I'm assuming Pressure is kept as a constant value.
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    Su Solberg: vr = relative specific volume = v/vo, and applies only to isentropic (constant entropy) processes for an ideal gas, where v = specific volume = 1/rho, and vo = specific volume at a zero reference level for enthalpy and internal energy. The zero reference level for enthalpy and internal energy is typically taken at 0 K and 1 atm (absolute). I do not fully understand vo, nor my above description of vo, so hopefully someone else can explain vo better.

    However, the vr column of the table you cited is grossly incorrect. Please use another source, not the erroneous web page cited. Furthermore, that web page nebulously does not state its zero reference level.
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