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What is the acceleration of the balloon and instruments?

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    I have tried to solve these problems all day, but to no avail. I am very confused!

    8. The instruments attached to a weather balloon have a mass of 5.0 kg. The balloon is released and exerts an upward force of 95N on the instruments.

    A. What is the acceleration of the balloon and instruments?

    B. After the balloon has accelerated for 10.0s,the instruments are released. What is the velocity of the instruments at the moment of their release?

    C. What net forces act on the instruments after their release?

    D. When does the direction of their velocity first become downward?
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    A. Remember, Fnet = ma.
    B. Look for the kinematics equation (Vf = Vi + at)
    C. What force acts on an object in free fall?
    D. Kinematics equation (Vf = Vi + at): Solve for Vf = 0, that is, for the velocity to change direction it must pass through V = 0.
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