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Homework Help: What is the buoyant force acting on the rock?

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    A rock with a volume of 0.2m3 is fully sumberged in water with density of 1000kg/m3. What is the buoyant force acting on the rock?

    Assume that gravity acts on the system
    0.2m3*9.81m/s2 = 1.96
    buoyant force = 1000kg/m3*1.96
    = 1960N
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    Check the units of your answer. You do not have the correct expression for buoyant force. The buoyant force on an object also depends upon the volume submerged:

    [tex]F_b=\rho g V[/tex] where V is the volume submerged.
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    Ok, i get it now. makes it a lot clearer.
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