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What is the mean molecular speed of Mercury Vapor at room temperature?

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    I have few questions regarding mercury vapor, except those related to health hazards.

    What is the mean molecular speed of mercury vapor at room temperature and speed of sound in a pure mercury vapor also at room temperature?

    Also, for the same density of air at seal level, can mercury vapor attain significantly closer to ideal gas conditions? I initially googled this up and found no answers. I am a mfg engineer and I had no idea how to calculate it so I'll just ask here so hope to get help.

    Pardon me if I made this thread in the wrong sub forum as these questions can also be answered in chemistry-related topics, but I saw 'molecules', particles, etc under these subforum and maybe answer my questions better. Thanks!
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    Nevermind my question. Since I'm doing an experiment with heavy gases, after more research, found a much safer alternative than mercury - sulfur hexaflouride "Goa'uld gas". It also seems far easier to introduce a pure form of the gas into sealed chambers than mercury vapor.

    Also found out the speed of sound in sulfur hexaflouride is 120 m/s. So I think I got all the information I need for now, thanks and hope this helps others too!
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